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Clients need to ask whether the attorney they are considering hiring really understands their opponent and know when, where and how to exert pressure to win the case and achieve the best result possible.

Dickson Kohan & Bablove LLP was founded by experienced trial attorneys who spent years defending Fortune 500 companies, municipal entities and some of the largest insurance companies in the world.  This gives us a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge about our “new” opponents that most “plaintiff” firms will never have.  We have worked with other defense firms and insurance attorneys that ultimately pay much more than they should simply because they have too many cases or they are hampered by the onerous restrictions placed on them by insurance companies that are more focused on saving money rather than providing a complete defense to their insured.  Time and time again we see insurance adjusters make poor decisions that drive up the cost of litigation because they would rather seem tough to their supervisors, rather than save money and protect their insureds by offering a fair and reasonable settlement offer early on in the case.  We know the defense firms and insurance companies that are going to fight you and can turn the tables in your favor.
We built our careers by forcing plaintiffs to leave money on the table or walk away from cases empty handed because we knew their attorney wouldn’t put in the time and effort to litigate a tough case.  We’ve seen numerous plaintiffs accept lesser settlements because their attorneys were more worried about getting paid quickly to service other debts rather than push a case to trial.  Other “plaintiff” firms are forced to recommend acceptance of small settlements to cover up the fact they are not capable of trying the case, either because they don’t have the experience or they failed to properly prepare the case for trial.  As a result, it is imperative that prospective clients evaluate how their case will actually be handled all the way through verdict.
Can you be confident that your attorney has your best interest in mind when he or she recommends that you settle your case rather than go to trial?  Is your case actually being evaluated and advanced by an experienced attorney, rather than a paralegal or inexperienced first year attorney?  Is your attorney ready and willing to try your case to a jury if it becomes necessary?  Does your attorney have the experience, skill, and knowledge necessary to fully maximize the value of your case?
If you hire our firm to help you, your answer to each of these questions will always be “yes”.


Personal Attention

Your case wont be handed off to a junior attorney, paralegal or secretary. One or all of us will personally handle your case from start to finish.


We treat every client as if we were representing our own family. We're here to help you through the entire process-not just obtain a monetary recovery.


We don't over promise to sign you up as a client or make excuses when the case doesn't live up to your expectations. We will always be brutally honest about the strengths and weaknesses of your case.


We honed our skills defending against the very claims we are now prosecuting. We know the game plan and strategies the opposition is going to use before they do it.


We don’t get paid unless you get paid. We are confident in our abilities so you don’t pay a dollar up front.


Dickson Kohan & Bablove LLP provides passionate, aggressive and client focused legal services to individuals who have been injured­­–whether that be physically, emotionally, or financially. We have been trained by some of the best defense lawyers, and gone up against some of the best plaintiff lawyers, in the country.

This training enables us to achieve the maximum value for our clients because we know exactly what buttons to push that make insurance companies and large corporations pay top dollar to resolve the case. We know what the decision makers on the opposite side are thinking and we leverage that knowledge to achieve the best results for our clients.


    David T.Charles V.Karen K.Juan J.Al. K.Hiro O.Stephanie M.Viska S
  • Not only did DKB take on my case when many other attorneys would not; they were able to win a settlement amount well above the best case scenario other attorneys had promised. They made a very personal investment into my case and went above and beyond all my expectations. Because of their diligence, knowledge and capabilities of going outside the box, they were able to make many key arguments on my behalf that nobody else could have realized. I am truly blessed to have had DKB on my side and have the utmost confidence in their representation for the future! 
    David T.
  • DKB kept me informed and consulted during each step, which resulted in a good resolution and settlement. I would absolutely hire DKB again to handle any personal injury case, or any other required legal consultation. 
    Charles V.
  • DKB and I have worked together on several occasions on behalf of my organization. DKB has worked with us to update our client contract, and provide our organization with ongoing legal advice when needed. DKB has proven to be a firm of integrity whom are prompt when returning phone calls, professional, and knowledgeable. I recommend them, without hesitation. 
    Karen K.
  • DKB took my case when I thought there was no case. I had a special case because of the circumstances and other lawyers were not interested. Not only was DKB happy to take my case, they also WON! I would highly recommend DKB to anyone needing a lawyer. Seriously, DKB won a case that most people thought wasn't worth filing 
    Juan J.
  • DKB handled my difficult case perfectly. They handled an aggressive and difficult insurance company who didn't want to pay me for my injuries. They always kept me in the loop with what was going on and I felt like they truly cared about my well-being. If any of my family or friends ever need a personal injury attorney, I will definitely recommend DKB. 
    Al. K.
  • I thought I was out of luck until I contacted DKB, who immediately informed me of my legal rights. They filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against the manufacturer that sold me the defective product and are seeking compensation not only for me, but for all other people who purchased the defective product. DKB made me feel like a priority, and I know that they will obtain the compensation I deserve.
    Hiro O.
  • After being sued by a former employer, I contacted DKB to figure out how to best deal with the lawsuit. DKB calmed me down, told me they would take care of everything and really made me feel safe. DKB immediately protected my rights by denying all of the allegations and filing the necessary paperwork. They fought for me every single step of the way, and made my case a priority. In short time, DKB was able to get the entire lawsuit to go away without having to pay anything. The relief I felt was out of this world. I would highly recommend DKB for any employment case!
    Stephanie M.
  • DKB definitely went above and beyond in handling my case.  They stood up for me in such an amazing way, making sure that I received the outcome that I deserved.  Would definitely hire again. Thank you!
    Viska S

Need Medical Treatment, but don’t have Health Insurance?
No Problem!

If you have been injured and are concerned about the cost of the medical treatment you need, CALL US IMMEDIATELY! Dickson Kohan & Bablove LLP has relationships with individual medical providers, medical facilities and health care networks to ensure that you get the medical care you deserve. Many of these doctors, therapists, facilities, etc. will treat you and not expect to be paid until your case is resolved!