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Orange County Car Accident Disability Lawyer

If you were injured in a car accident and now suffer a long-term disability as a result, you need an Orange County car accident disability lawyer.

While an insurance company should pay for your medical bills and associated expenses, they may not compensate you for current or future lost wages.

However, if you are no longer able to work as a result of an accident injury, you are entitled to compensation. Working with an attorney is your best option for receiving it.

Common Reasons for an Accident-Related Disability

Any of the below conditions can make it difficult or even impossible to perform your previous job duties:

For example, if your profession required physical mobility, such as a construction worker or waiter, being unable to move your head, bend over, or move quickly without pain could make it impossible for you to go back to work.

Compensation for Severe Disabilities

More serious injuries, such as a brain injury, could leave you unable to work in any capacity whatsoever.

This makes it critical to seek compensation for your future lost wages, so you can continue to support yourself and your loved ones.

Speak with an Orange County Car Accident Disability Lawyer About Your Compensation

Our goal is to maximize your compensation. We will build a strong case demonstrating that the other driver was at fault for the accident, thereby ensuring you receive maximum compensation.

Your settlement could include the following:

  • Paid medical bills and related expenses – You’re entitled to receive the medical care necessary for your recovery.
  • Lost wages – Future lost wages are an essential consideration in long-term disability cases. Whether you will have to switch professions, return to work at a reduced capacity, or be unable to work at all, it should factor into your compensation.
  • Paid home modifications – Your home may need to be modified to accommodate your disability, and the responsible party needs to pay for the changes.

Social Security Disability

A long-term disability may also entitle you to Social Security Disability Insurance.

Qualification will be determined separately from your actual lawsuit. In order to qualify, your disability must be extant for a year prior to approval and must be likely to continue for at least another full year.

The condition must also prevent you from working and earning enough income to support yourself. This is also known as being unable to take part in “substantial gainful activity.”

Call Today and Schedule a Consultation with an Orange County Car Accident Disability Lawyer

Kohan and Bablove, LLP can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Call and speak with an experienced Orange County car accident disability lawyer at 1-844-404-2400 or contact our office online immediately.