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Orange County Head-On Collision Lawyer

Whether it involved a wrong-way drunk driver or a poorly marked detour, an Orange County head-on collision lawyer can help you get fully compensated for your head-on crash.

If you are in pain and suffering physically after your car accident, call  Kohan & Bablove, LLP to get help from an Orange County head-on collision lawyer. We know how physically devastating a car accident can be and can make sure that you do not suffer financially, as well.

Seek Medical Attention After Your Head-On

Many accident victims make the mistake of trying to be strong and act like they aren’t in too much pain. This is a mistake. Your injuries are real, you need medical care, and the care you receive creates the foundation for your lawsuit.

Remain under the care of your doctor until you are completely healed to ensure that you receive the full compensation you deserve and not a lesser amount.

We Can Help You Prove Fault

To start, we need to prove who caused your head-on collision. In some cases, this might seem readily apparent. Nevertheless, we need to gather evidence that demonstrates that you were in the right and that the other driver was in the wrong.

Additionally, other avenues of fault need to be explored:

  • Were the roads properly maintained or dangerous? If so, did they contribute to the head-on collision? In this case, the entity responsible for maintenance could be at fault.
  • Did the accident take place in a construction zone due to negligence of the crew? If so, we can sue the construction company.
  • Was more than one car involved? In a pileup, we need to identify the role that each driver played and sue them accordingly.

Full Compensation for Your Head-On Collision Injuries

Don’t leave money on the table by only seeking compensation for your medical bills. Injuries can impact all areas of life, including your ability to simply enjoy being alive. If you can no longer play in your bowling league, work out at the gym, play with your kids, or sit comfortably at work, your life has been negatively impacted and you deserve money to compensate this. We will work to get you as much as possible, including money for any of the following losses present in your situation:

  • Emergency medical care and transportation to the hospital
  • All medical bills, including what your doctor says you’ll need in the future
  • Wage losses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Remodeling your home to accommodate a disability
  • Medical devices
  • Any additional expenses related to your head-on collision

You May Want to Settle out of Court

When your case is strong, the other party might make a settlement offer. Your Orange County head-on collision lawyer will review all offers received and let you know if we think it is fair or if you should ask for more. Ultimately, you get to decide if you want to take the offer. If you decline, we will proceed to trial and represent you throughout the process.

Speak with an Orange County Head-On Accident Lawyer

We can’t make you better, but we can help you get the money you deserve so that you don’t suffer financially. For help with your head-on collision case, complete the form below or call 1-844-404-2400 to speak with an attorney at Kohan & Bablove, LLP.