What to Do After Getting into a Wreck with a Commercial Truck

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If you get into a car wreck with an 18-wheeler, it’s nearly impossible to concentrate on what your next steps will be. However, when you find yourself in this predicament, if you know what to do, then the situation will be far less stressful.

Take Immediate Steps to Avoid Liability

In many cases, the insurance company’s lawyers will be responsible for handling the claim on behalf of the owner or truck driver. However, they may try to shift blame onto you in order to reduce their liability. This can result in an unfair settlement offer that leaves you without enough money to cover your injuries.

It’s important to realize that commercial vehicle drivers and the owner of the trucking company are required to carry insurance coverage within liability limits.

In most cases, this means that they are required to carry $100,000 worth of bodily injury coverage per person involved in the accident and $300,000 worth of bodily injury coverage per accident.

If you’re injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler and feel like the insurance company is trying to underpay or deny your claim, it’s time to enlist the help of experienced lawyers. It’s also important to arm yourself with information early in the process.

Begin Collecting Evidence at the Scene

If you’ve ever seen a car that has been in a collision with a commercial truck, then you know that it’s not like hitting another car.

Any commercial vehicle is much bigger, heavier than passenger cars, in addition to potentially traveling at higher speeds. That means injuries and property damage involving an 18-wheeler are more severe.

Here’s a quick checklist on what to do after getting into an accident with a commercial vehicle:

  • Call 911 and let an ambulance transport you to the hospital so you have an official record of your injuries
  • Call the police
  • Exchange information with other drivers and witnesses
  • Take photos of the scene and damage to all vehicles

When taking photos and video, be sure to capture images of the damage from all angles to help you with any disputes with the insurance company that may arise later.

Need Help Dealing with Insurance Companies? Get Expert Legal Help

When you’re in a panic, it’s hard to think about anything, including who you might be able to sue. It could be the driver or the company that’s listed on the truck. Either way, you’ve got to make sure you’re fairly compensated.

Knowing what to do after getting into a wreck with a commercial truck will go a long way toward helping you win your case. If you have questions, contact the lawyers of Kohan & Bablove Injury Attorneys via live chat or call 800-404-2400. We’ll work tirelessly to get you the best outcome for your unique case.