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    • $2,000,000 slip-&-fall settlement
      $1,325,000 wrongful death settlement
      $1,582,000 wrongful death settlement
    • $1,300,000 retaliation verdict
      $936,000 class action defective product
      $601,000 bad drug wrongful death
    • $750,000 rideshare car accident settlement
      $750,000 brain injury settlement
      $710,000 rear-end car accident settlement



Kohan & Bablove, LLP was founded by three former defense attorneys who were tired of helping insurance companies and big corporations save money by paying the least amount possible to resolve claims.  We wanted to open a law firm where we could use our years of experience handling the toughest and largest claims to benefit the individual.  Each of us were tired of being cogs in the wheel that focused on paying the least amount possible to injured persons regardless of injuries or the validity of their claims.

Providing legal services is a commoditized business.  That is why it is not surprising that most firms say the same thing – they all claim to be aggressive litigators with years of trial experience and will fight for your rights.  Then they flash a handful of big-dollar figures on their website to imply that they will achieve a similar result for potential clients, but they never actually describe the services they offer or how they will live up to the expectations they generate.

Our experience being on the “other side” gives us a unique perspective, and a wealth of knowledge about our “new” opponents that most “plaintiff” firms will never have.  We know the ins and outs of the decision making structure at the biggest insurance companies. In fact, we probably already have the cell phone number of the person making the decision on how much money to pay.  We know all the tricks and strategies used by insurance companies and their attorneys to minimize the payout.  We know which defense firms are good and which ones are overworked and ripe to be hit for a large verdict.  We built our careers by forcing plaintiffs to leave money on the table or walk away from cases empty handed.  This knowledge gives us a significant advantage now that we are opposing these insurance companies and lawyers.  Imagine playing in a football game where you already know all of the plays and the order in which they are going to be called by the other team.

KB’s clients are not faceless people.  They are not numbers on a case list.  Our promise to you is this:  one, if not all, of the founding partners will personally handle your case.  Every single person who walks through our door and asks for help, even if they decide to go with another attorney, becomes family.  Lawsuits are difficult for all involved, but we will work tirelessly to ensure that your stress is as minimal as possible.  We will consult you on all important aspects, but we will deliver your options in a manner which anyone can understand.  When injured parties retain a big firm, most often, they meet with an experienced partner only one time.  After that initial meeting, the partner will likely never touch the case again.  A first-year associate, fresh out of law school, will be handling the day to day decisions of their claim.  Unlike that situation, here at KB, you will have three experienced litigators tackling your case from all angles.  The best offense is a well-prepared, strategic game plan with the ultimate goal always in mind.

If you have any legal issues, we invite you to call any of the lawyers at KB.  If we cannot personally help you, we will find an experienced individual who can.