Injured as a Passenger in a Car Accident: Recovering Compensation


As a passenger in a car accident, you have as much a right to fight for compensation as the driver of the car you were traveling in. In fact, depending on where you were sitting in the vehicle, you could have endured far worse injuries than the driver did. But when you’re dealing with debilitating... Read More

Suing for PTSD and Emotional Suffering in California


It’s easy enough for people to understand that the victims of accidents suffer physical injuries, but it’s sometimes not recognized how serious the psychological and emotional damage caused by a traumatic event can be. The fact is that in the same way that serious injuries can leave a person with long-term or permanent disabilities, some... Read More

Riverside County’s Most Dangerous Streets and Intersections


Riverside County is home to some of the most dangerous intersections in all of California. People who suffer injuries after being involved in motor vehicle accidents in these areas are likely to endure serious damages that can be recovered when you file a claim in civil court with the help of a Riverside car accident... Read More

How Defective Drugs Reach Consumers


When you take medication, you expect it to make you feel better, or to maintain your health over time. What you don’t expect is for your medication to make your health worse. Unfortunately, that's a reality for many people in America. They may have received defective drugs that led to dangerous symptoms. That can mean... Read More

I Got a Back Injury from a Car Accident—Can I Sue?


A back injury can leave you hurt and suffering for some time after the accident. But you may be unsure about your options following the accident. Are you eligible to sue, for example? Here’s the good news—you’ve got options to seek out compensation and get the guidance you need for a claim. Here’s how a... Read More

Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer


When you’re hurt because another person was careless, recovery may not be easy. You may have difficulty getting the answers you need. Even if you’re sure you have a strong case against the at-fault party, finding the answers you need and choosing a personal injury lawyer is no simple task. If you’ve been hurt in... Read More

When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?


Serious accidents can be difficult to overcome. You may have done everything you could to avoid the accident, but now you’re hurt, and the at-fault party doesn’t want to take responsibility. You need help, but when is the right time to hire a lawyer? If you’re struggling to face your California personal injury claim, reach... Read More

Who’s at Fault if I’m Hurt in a Rideshare?


Rideshares can be a great way to avoid driving after a night at a bar, or to skip the trouble of finding a parking spot. But they have human drivers just like you and me, and your driver may have been careless behind the wheel. Now you’ve been hurt in an accident, and you’re suffering... Read More

What to Do After a Bike Accident


When you’re hurt in a bike accident, you may be shocked and at a loss on what to do now. Bike accidents may not seem like a big deal to some people, but you may have been seriously injured by the accident. But what do you do next? When you’re seriously injured, your next steps... Read More

Insurance Negotiating Tactics to Watch for After an Accident


When you’re injured in a car accident, it can be a relief for you and your family that you have insurance coverage. That policy should help you recover after an Orange County car accident. But the insurance company may not be willing to cover the costs of your injuries. It may instead try to negotiate... Read More