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    • $2,000,000 slip-&-fall settlement
      $1,325,000 wrongful death settlement
      $601,000 bad drug wrongful death
    • $550,000 Premises liability settlement
      $490,000 Premises liability settlement
      $250,000 motorcycle accident settlement
    • $265,000 Premises liability settlement
      $250,000 motorcycle accident settlement
      $450,000 car accident injury settlement

Case Results


Slip-and-Fall Settlement

Plaintiff, age 78, suffered a traumatic brain injury when she tripped on a plate with a height differential of less than a quarter inch. Defense initially offered $450,000 and claimed it was their last and final offer. DKB dove in head first and was not only able to defeat Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment, but also obtain a $2,000,000.00 settlement against the public entity.


Broken Neck Leading to Wrongful Death

Obtained a $1,000,000 settlement in a wrongful death action against an
athletic facility. DKB didn’t stop there and obtained another $582,000.00
from the various manufacturers and sellers of the defective athletic
equipment that contributed to the incident.


Bad Drug Wrongful Death

Plaintiffs’ son obtained a synthetic drug from a high school classmate, and after consuming the drug, jumped off a bridge causing immediate death. However, before doing so, Plaintiffs’ son reached out to his classmates forhelp regarding his “bad trip.” The classmates dissuaded Plaintiffs’ son from calling 9-1-1 or seeking medical attention. DKB sued the classmates and their parents on various negligence theories including interference with aid, and obtained the total amount of insurance available of $601,000.00.


Premises Liability Settlement

Plaintiff and his family were vacationing at a 5 star resort in the Caribbean. Plaintiff got up from his beach chair to adjust the seat back when the back of the chair suddenly slammed down and severed the tip of his finger. Despite the same chair at the same resort severing someone’s finger months earlier, the resort and the seller of the chair denied liability. The resort, and its owners, spent over 6 months fighting having to even appear in Los Angeles Superior Court due to the resort being an international LLC. After DKB successfully litigated that issue, the resort and the seller agreed to a joint settlement of $550,000.00.


Premises Liability Settlement

Plaintiff, a 33-year-old male, was running through a government owned parking when he tripped over a hidden and dangerous metal wire used to separate two parking lots. On the eve of trial, the government entity paid DKB’s final demand in order to avoid trial.


Car Accident Settlement

Plaintiff, a 45 year-old business owner, was making a left-hand turn on a green light when a tow truck that ran the red light struck Plaintiff’s vehicle directly behind the driver’s side door. Plaintiff incurred approximately $68,000 in medical bills and was recommended for spinal surgery, but did not have the operation. Defendants argued that DKB’s client’s back was so bad before the accident that he would have needed surgery regardless of the collision. After only 1 year of litigation, DKB obtained the mediated settlement.


Trip and Fall Against Municipality

DKB Client, age 83, tripped and fell on a loose electrical cord while attending a singing class at a senior center. As a result of the fall, she suffered a broken hip which required 2 surgeries including a complete hip replacement and were all paid by MediCare. Despite no eyewitnesses to the incident or pictures of the cord, DKB was able to expose the municipalities complete lack of due care regarding the safety of elderly patrons at the senior center. The case settled a month before trial for $355,000.00.


Premises Liability Settlement

Plaintiff, a 20-year-old sports agent, was in Scottsdale, Arizona for spring training. After leaving the bars, Plaintiff, along with a friend, jumped into a golf cart taxi for a ride home. The driver of the taxi made an illegal left turn causing Plaintiff to be thrown from the golf cart onto the street. Plaintiff’s BAC at the time of the incident was .22. The driver of the golf cart denied making an illegal left turn and contended that Plaintiff jumped out of the golf cart on his. DKB picked apart the driver’s story and received the policy limits on both the owner’s commercial auto and the driver’s personal auto policy.


Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Plaintiff was riding his motorcycle on the freeway when Defendant abruptly changed lanes. Plaintiff, who was lane splitting, ran into the rear of Defendant’s vehicle at less than 15 mph sustaining minor damage to his motorcycle. Despite not seeking treatment for over 7 months, it was eventually determined Plaintiff suffered a torn rotator cuff which required surgery. Total past medical specials were approximately $45,000.00. DKB obtained a pre-litigation settlement of $250,000.00


Workplace Accident

DKB client received $248,000 for a workplace injury when a shelving unit
installed by a construction company tipped forward and crushed him as he
attempted to level it as requested by his employer. Despite arthroscopic
surgery to repair his shoulder and clear lower back injuries as a result of
the incident, the Defendant argued that the client was lying about the
source of his injuries. In fact, the defense even attempted to argue that
the DKB client was also lying about his military service. Nevertheless,
DKB and, more importantly, the client held strong as the Defendant settled
less than a week before trial.


Dog Attacks Child

A family of four obtained $195,000.00 in a heavily contested dog bite case. Plaintiff, age 7, and his mom, were attacked by a neighbor’s dog while playing outside their home in Santa Ana. Their daughter/sister, age 3, witnessed the attack on her brother and mother. DKB was able to obtain psychological therapy for the entire family, including the father/dad, and plastic surgery for mom’s scaring on their forearms. DKB exposed the fallacy behind defendants’ adamant claims that mom and son had provoked the attack, and mom was untruthful about how the attack occurred.


Assault Settlement

Plaintiff was extremely intoxicated at a bar and was verbally assaulting the bartender. Bartender responded by grabbing a mini baseball bat and smashing Plaintiff’s finger. Medical specials totaled approximately $24,000 which included surgery. DKB leveraged the bartender’s gross misconduct for a $120,000.00 settlement.


Car Accident Injury Settlement

Plaintiff, an 18-year-old female, was driving on a local surface street when she was t-boned by Defendant. The police report concluded that the Plaintiff was at fault and the Defendant’s insurance company initially offered $0. DKB obtained the data recorder for Defendant’s vehicle which indicated Defendant was traveling almost twice the posted speed limit at the time of impact. Defendant’s insurance company paid the policy limit.


Car Accident Injury Settlement

Plaintiff, a 67-year-old male, suffered minor injuries after being hit broadside by a driver running a red light. Although Plaintiff’s injuries on the day of the accident did not require immediate medical attention, DKB was able to settle his claim pre-litigation for the policy limit after convincing the insurer that Plaintiff’s knee replacement 18 months later was related to the accident.


Premises Liability Settlement

Plaintiff, a 32-year-old female, tripped and fell over a shopping cart placed behind her by a store clerk of a nationwide department store. She suffered a broken wrist that did not require surgery. DKB leveraged the employee’s gross violation of company policy and resolved the claim.