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I was referred to Jesse from my chiropractor after he reccomended I give him a call a couple of times. I was nervous to call an attorney, but so glad I did! Jesse Bablove handled everything while also ensuring I received any aftercare I needed to recover from the accident! Recognize your value and worth and give them a call. Thank you guys for going above and beyond!

Melanie Tydingco

Mr. Bablove managed to help me receive the maximum payout possible from my auto accident. He was very responsive and made sure I got every bit of medical attention I needed. He’s a good guy, I would highly recommend him.

Jeff Renfro

Upon being referred to the guys at Kohan & Bablove Injury Attorneys, I spoke with Jesse about my case, and from the get go he was super hands on and a genuine guy who treats you like family and cares for the well being of his clients. I would definitely recommend Jesse and his team to one of my friends or family members!

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If someone else was at fault for your injuries, you shouldn’t need to pay for all the costs you’re facing. Contact an Irvine injury lawyer to see if you have grounds to file a claim for compensation.

Unexpected accidents can result in serious injuries that almost no one is prepared to financially handle. And why should you be expected to pay for damage caused by another? Here’s the short answer: You shouldn’t.

Your Irvine personal injury lawyer will work meticulously to examine the details of your case and use the facts to place a dollar value on your suffering. At Kohan & Bablove Injury Attorneys, we take pride in our ability to build powerful claims against negligent individuals and corporations so victims are able to seek compensation for their losses.

Personal Injury Claims Your Lawyer Can Handle

When you’re hurt in a personal injury incident, you may be unsure what type of lawyers to turn to. You know what type of personal injury you suffered and what your accident resulted in, but what lawyers are right for your claim?

Personal injury incidents that involve losses like property damage and physical injuries can be handled by a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer understands the specifics of the suffering you experienced and your next steps toward compensation.

Below are just some of the personal injury claim types your lawyer can handle:

  • Motor vehicle accidents involving cars, motorcycles, and trucks
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Wrongful death
  • Dog bites

Does My Accident Qualify for an Irvine Personal Injury Case?

Nearly any type of accident in which the other involved party’s carelessness or negligence was the cause of your injuries can turn into a viable Irvine personal injury case. Some of the kinds of accidents we routinely deal with include the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Crashes – This is when a truck, motorcycle, automobile, or bus collides with another vehicle.
  • Dog Bites – These occur when a canine unexpectedly attacks you. Responsibility usually falls on the animal’s owner.
  • Defective Products – Product liability occurs if a purchased consumer good malfunctions and causes injury.
  • Slip-and-Fall – Premises liability cases happen when a property owner fails to maintain a safe and hazard-free property for guests. Slip-and-falls are a common example.
  • Work and Construction Accidents – When you suffer an injury while at work or while working on a construction site, and workers compensation benefits aren’t going to cover the full costs, personal injury claims are a way to go after the full compensation you need.

If you’re still unsure whether your injuries will make you eligible to file an Irvine personal injury claim, we can advise you based on the specific details of your case.

Dealing with Insurance Companies After an Injury

Personal injury victims may have the opportunity to get compensated through an insurance settlement.

The problem is, the insurance company may be unwilling to work with you for a fair settlement. Many injury victims struggle to get their current and future damages covered. The insurance company may even deny you in bad faith.

In these cases, you may need representation from a personal injury lawyer. They can help you negotiate with the insurance company when you’re struggling to get compensated. They can also represent you in court if the insurance company denies your claim in bad faith and prevents you from getting the help you need.

Damages the At-Fault Party Should Cover

Once we are able to determine who is responsible for your accident—and the costs of your injuries—we will begin to calculate a figure that will represent what your injuries and related hardships are worth to you. This formula generally includes placing a value on damages like emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering.

Next, we will add those to your total medical costs, including hospital bills, copays, costs of prescription medications, and any other healthcare expenses related to your injuries. Finally, we will estimate what your lost wages and loss of future earning potential will be and come to a dollar amount that would make you whole.

Irvine Personal Injury FAQ

When you’re involved in a legal claim, you may have plenty of questions and few answers. It can be tough to know what to expect from your claim and what steps you need to take. Luckily, our lawyers can make cases like yours easier. If you have questions about your legal claim and how to get compensated, check out the answers below and then contact us about the details of your case.

I think I was partly at fault for the accident. Can I still sue?

If you’re worried that you’re partially responsible for your injuries, you may need to speak with a personal injury attorney about your situation. Comparative negligence can reduce your compensation by the amount you’re found at fault for. That means less compensation to help you overcome your suffering and losses.

How do I identify who’s liable for my injuries?

Claimants may struggle to identify the at-fault party, especially if the incident involved multiple people. Thankfully, your lawyer can help. They can assist in determining who’s responsible for your accident, which can be other people, government agencies, property owners, manufacturers, and more. If you suffered because of someone’s negligence, your lawyer can help you identify them.

Do I really need a lawyer after an injury?

Many people believe they don’t need help with their personal injury claim, but lawyers can be vital to your claim. You’re hurt and suffering after an accident that resulted in severe personal injuries. That makes it tough to take your claim to court and seek compensation. Your lawyer can handle your claim after you’re the victim of a serious injury so you can focus on your well-being.

Contact an Irvine Personal Injury Attorney

Enlisting the services of an experienced attorney with Kohan & Bablove Injury Attorneys could help you reclaim your life so you can begin to move forward from the devastation of your accident. It is our goal to support your case and bring to justice the person or people responsible for the destruction of your life as you knew it.

Your personal injury attorney is ready to help you get compensated. Fill out the contact form we’ve provided for you below or give us a call at 1-844-404-2400 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with an Irvine personal injury lawyer.