Dog Bites Steadily Rising in California

There’s an old joke that “Dog Bites Man” isn’t news but that “Man Bites Dog” is. But we think that’s really getting it wrong: Dog bites have been on the rise in California for more than a decade, and that problem hasn’t gotten the news coverage it deserves. We only hear about dog bites in... Read More

Bus Crash Kills Motorist

A still-unexplained bus crash last month left a motorist dead and more than two dozen people injured. Most of those hurt were aboard the bus, but two occupants of another vehicle were also hospitalized after firefighters cut them free from their mangled car. A California Highway Patrol team will continue to investigate the crash.  ... Read More

Riverside Plane Crash Claims Four Lives

The death toll from the crash of a small plane near Riverside Municipal Airport has now risen to four. The most recent victim, a woman in her forties, had suffered serious burns over 90 percent of her body during the crash. She had remained in critical condition and been on a ventilator and feeding tube... Read More

“Massive Carnage” Blamed on Apple

When a motorist is injured by a distracted driver, it’s not unusual for legal action to follow as the victim seeks to recover compensation for the property damage and injuries caused in the auto crash. Sometimes others with potential involvement in the crash are included in the suit, and their specific responsibilities in causing the... Read More

Rotten Flour Ruins Holiday Meals

A Los Angeles grocery store chain found itself looking more like the Grinch than Santa Claus this winter when an ingredient it sold for a traditional holiday meal turned out to be rotten. Hundreds of customers demanded refunds, complaining that something was wrong with the masa they’d purchased from the Amapola market in Downey. The... Read More

“Take-Home” Liability Recognized by Court

Employers have argued for decades that their duty of care when it comes to exposure to toxic substances, such as asbestos, ends with their workers and is restricted to their own physical premises. The courts have largely accepted this argument, ruling in favor of employers who have been sued in personal injury or wrongful death... Read More

Family Wins Brain Injury Death Case

The family of a California teen who died after suffering a serious traumatic brain injury while on a party bus may now be able to put some of the pain of this tragedy behind them. In a lawsuit filed against the tour operator, a jury recently awarded the family a $26 million judgment, finding the... Read More

Wrong-Way Crash Claims San Diego Mother

A San Diego woman was killed last month when her car was struck head-on by a minivan being driven the wrong way on Camino del Norte. The victim, Sarita Shakya, died at the scene, but the driver of the other vehicle, who is suspected of drunk driving, survived the crash with severe injuries. The crash... Read More

Car Flies Off Freeway into San Diego Yard

A driver died in a still-unexplained single-vehicle crash last week when his car left the 805 freeway and landed in the backyard of an Otay Mesa family’s home. Sometime late on the night of the December 13 or early on the morning of December 14, the car crashed into the property, which is adjacent to... Read More

Oakland Warehouse Fire Claims Lives of Thirty-Six Victims

Thirty-six people are confirmed to have died in an Oakland warehouse fire at a makeshift nightclub called the Ghost Ship, making this one of the worst fires in recent history. Party-goers were trapped inside, with many victims dying of asphyxiation.   Interior Conditions a Hazard It took hours for the fire to be put out,... Read More