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Suing for PTSD and Emotional Suffering in California

March 27, 2018

It’s easy enough for people to understand that the victims of accidents suffer physical injuries, but it’s sometimes not recognized how serious the psychological and emotional damage caused by a traumatic event can be. The fact is that in the same way that serious injuries can leave a person with long-term or permanent disabilities, some …

Self-Driving Car Crash: Who Is Liable?

March 13, 2018

Self-driving cars may not have hit the roads for everyday use yet, but they’re no longer the stuff of science fiction stories. Vehicles in Google’s Waymo project have racked up more than 4 million miles on actual roads, while many other companies (including Audi, GM, Mercedes, Uber, and even Apple) have some kind of autonomous …

California Personal Injury Law: What Is a Demand Letter?

February 23, 2018

An important part of any lawsuit is specifying the remedy being sought. In a personal injury claim, two of the important factors in every claim are the harm or injury that has been caused and the damages or reparations that are being requested. These two factors go into creating another important part of most personal …

Older Drivers an Increasing Crash Risk

February 20, 2018

Are older drivers really a problem? All of our lives we’ve heard stories and jokes about their driving behavior and the problems they cause on the roads. But is this a real concern or just a case of stereotyping and ageism? If you are an older driver (age sixty-five and above), or you’re concerned about …