Motorcycle Crash Claims Riverside Man’s Life

December 28, 2017

A Lake Elsinore man was killed in a crash while riding his motorcycle earlier this month, reminding us of the hazards bikers face. The early evening crash in Lakeland Village on Friday the 15th also injured one other person. The collision happened on Grand Avenue when the biker crossed into the other lane and into the path of another vehicle. A passenger in that car was hospitalized with minor injuries.

Other Recent Crashes

A crash in Winchester on December 3 took the life of a Temecula motorcyclist and left a party van engulfed in flames, but there were no other injuries (only the van driver was aboard at the time). A crash on December 1 in Temecula left one biker seriously injured.

Another crash, in Moreno Valley and also on December 1, left a resident of that town dead after his motorcycle collided with another vehicle. Few details of that incident were publicized.

California Helmet Safety: Very Good News

Helmet use was not mentioned in any of the reports on these crashes, but California has seen very good compliance with helmet laws. The most recent federal report estimated that about 259 lives were saved each year thanks to helmets, but also noted that, because helmet use is already so high here, only about another eight lives would have been saved with 100 percent compliance.

Helmets aren’t foolproof, but they make crashes more survivable.

Bikers Still at Risk

California’s report for 2014 (the most recent for the state) recorded more than 12,000 bikers injured and 540 killed in traffic incidents that year. Motorcycle operators were determined to be at fault in a little more than half (55 percent) of injury-causing collisions and close to two-thirds (64 percent) of fatal crashes.

It’s not clear why there’s such a discrepancy or why motorcyclists are more often found to be at fault (in an ideal world, you’d expect all drivers to be at fault about half the time).

Bikers remain more vulnerable than other motorists in any case. The data in recent years seems shocking, but it doesn’t lie: Per mile traveled, motorcycle operators are close to five times more likely to be injured in a crash and an astounding twenty-nine times more likely to be in a fatal accident.

Everyone on the road needs to do a better job of looking out for motorcycles, but it’s imperative that bikers are extra aware of their situation to avoid potential crashes.

Riverside Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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