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September 18, 2020


Anaheim Car Accident Lawyer

Even a minor car accident is enough to throw your financial situation seriously off balance. Fortunately, an Anaheim car crash lawyer can help you regain your financial footing—no matter how serious your accident was.

Car collisions are sudden, costly, and often painful incidents. You may be a model driver, but no one is immune to negligent drivers and other risk factors on the road. No matter how well you drive, you may be subjected to serious injuries that weren’t your fault.

A car accident is a terrifying, traumatic experience, but you don’t have to pursue compensation alone. While a crash is a difficult thing to overcome, you can be sure that an Anaheim car accident lawyer at our firm is on your side. Having an experienced attorney on your side can make a difference—we can make navigating insurance, settlements, and court cases easier.

If you’re struggling with medical expenses and are worried about costs, we offer help with covering or delaying your medical costs while your claim is in progress. Getting you on your feet again after a debilitating car accident is our most important goal.

California Law and Your Anaheim Auto Insurance Claim

Your insurance company may not be as willing to help you as we are. It’s unfortunate, but insurance companies are for-profit businesses. Depending on relevant California laws and any negligence on your part during the accident, you may struggle to get the settlement you need from insurers.

Auto Insurance Laws

California’s insurance laws will make all the difference in getting your case settled when you have trouble with the insurance companies. One of the biggest issues you might encounter with them is fault.

California is a fault state, meaning that the person who caused the accident is responsible for the damages. You can expect some investigation into the fault in your accident, so having the proper support from a car accident lawyer in Anaheim can help your case.

Comparative Negligence in Anaheim Motor Vehicle Accidents

Just because you weren’t primarily at fault for your accident doesn’t meant your claim is safe, however. California recognizes the legal concept of comparative negligence. As a participant in your accident, you may be found to hold partial fault, and your compensation will be reduced according to your percentage of the blame.

For example, let’s say you are at an intersection and are distracted by something. You follow traffic laws correctly, but someone runs a red light and hits you. While you were not the cause of this accident, you were also negligent behind the wheel because you were driving while distracted.

Any negligence on your part can devalue your Anaheim car crash claim. In the example above, for instance, you may be found to hold 15 percent of the blame. If you were awarded $100,000, you would lose 15 percent—$15,000—of your compensation and leave with $85,000 for your damages.

When you file your claim, it’s important that your case is strong enough to avoid these types of problems. A qualified and experienced attorney can maximize the value of your claim and ensure no unwarranted blame is laid at your feet.

Your Anaheim Auto Wreck Injuries

When you’re considering your car accident damages, think of the damages you’ve suffered—not how serious the accident looked from the outside. Even something as minor as a fender-bender can cause whiplash if there is enough speed. It’s about the end result.

It’s important to understand every injury you’ve suffered before you file your Anaheim car wreck claim. Getting a medical opinion on your injuries can help your case, and knowing exactly how you were injured may help qualify some of your damages.

For example, if you are involved in an accident, you may suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI is serious enough on its own, and you need medical treatment after experiencing one. This is not the end of your troubles, though. The brain is an especially sensitive organ, controlling a vast number of essential bodily functions.

If you suffer a TBI, you may not simply lose consciousness or experience pain. You could suffer from severe symptoms like convulsions, difficulty speaking, and other cognitive issues. Your initial injuries could be compounded by secondary issues, and these are just as important to consider when filing your claim for compensation.

Any serious injury could be compounded by other expenses. A severe spinal injury doesn’t just end with the pain of experiencing that injury, after all. A severe-enough back injury can lead to paralysis, which could mean further surgeries, physical therapy, household services, and lost wages if you are no longer able to work.

When it comes to documenting your injuries and seeking out damages, don’t hesitate to pursue the amount of compensation you truly need. Your recovery is the main goal, and making sure you pay as little out of pocket as possible will only make it easier.

Calculating Your Compensation

Once you have discussed fault and your traumatic experience in your case, you must also be ready to list the damages you have suffered. A car accident is a serious event, and you have likely suffered in many ways.

While you may be thinking about your car, be sure to consider your other damages. Non-economic damages are capped in California, meaning that there is a maximum amount you could receive for non-monetary damages like pain and suffering, but your damages are still serious. After a serious injury, getting coverage for as many damages as possible can make recovery that much easier.

When you begin assessing your damages, be sure to look at both current and future damages—your injuries and damages likely do not end before your court date, and long-term treatment for your injuries should be just as important.

For a sample of some common damages involved in Anaheim car accidents, see the list below:

  • Current and Future Medical Expenses – Car accidents may cause several major injuries that need care but may not be repaired all at once. Your claim should include future considerations, such as further surgeries, therapies, and hospital stays.
  • Lost Wages – A collision can leave you disabled and unable to work from a few months or the rest of your life. Either way, your claim can help you recover the lost wages you would have received if not for the other driver’s negligent actions.
  • Mental Anguish – A car crash doesn’t just affect your body. Post-traumatic stress disorder, for example, is caused by a severely traumatic event, and if you are now suffering from it because of your car accident in Anaheim, you deserve compensation.

Call an Anaheim Car Accident Attorney

When you have been seriously hurt in an auto crash, the last thing you want to do is struggle through a court case to recover the compensation owed to you. After suffering from severe or even life-threatening injuries, you likely just want the chance to recover from this ordeal.

We’re here to help get you there. At Kohan & Bablove, LLP, we want you to win the compensation you need to get your life on track after a serious car accident. We understand how difficult an accident can be, and we want to help.

We’ll make sure your medical fees are delayed or covered until your case is finished. If you are struggling with expenses and fear you can’t afford an attorney, there’s no need to hesitate—we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t charge you anything until we win compensation for you.

Ready for a free consultation? Have a few questions about your case and how we can help? Simply fill out the online contact form below or give us a call at 1-844-404-2400 to speak with an Anaheim car accident lawyer.