Five Reasons to Work with a Lawyer After a Car Crash

June 22, 2018

You’ve been injured in a vehicle wreck in California. You don’t know what to do to recover the monetary losses that have been forced upon you because of someone else’s negligence. You may think you can just file an auto injury claim on your own, but doing this without legal help is rarely a good idea.

If your vehicle wreck was especially serious, you really need to contact a lawyer who can help you obtain the compensation you need for all of the damages you’ve endured.

Here are five reasons to work with a lawyer after a car crash.

1) Investigates and Proves Your Case

One of the most difficult steps in any injury claim is gathering evidence and proving your case. Without proof, you won’t be able to win your case. No insurance company or court will award you damages unless you can show that you deserve them.

You likely need an attorney to investigate and prove your claim if you want a shot at getting the fair compensation you need for your losses after a car crash.

2) Knows All the Legal Jargon

Filing an injury claim for an auto crash is a legal process. There are laws that govern this process with a whole lot of rules for filing paperwork, time frames, and other legal issues that are often best left to the legal professionals.

Trying to figure all of this out on your own is like trying to perform your own root canal. Is it possible? Maybe, but it’s not really advisable.

3) Handles the Paperwork

No one likes doing paperwork, and car accident claim paperwork is the worst. If you don’t complete everything perfectly, your claim is likely to be denied.

You need to receive a settlement for your auto wreck injuries, so you need to be able to trust a professional to help you complete the paperwork. A lawyer will do everything possible to make sure you get your money sooner rather than later.

4) Negotiates with Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurers is a tedious process, but someone has to do it. That someone doesn’t have to be you. Your attorney understands how to deal with insurance companies and knows what an unfair settlement looks like. You can avoid the headache and hassle of dealing with auto insurance by working with a lawyer.

5) Fights for You in Court

Most car crash cases will not need to be taken to court, but some claims must be battled in the courtroom. Don’t you want a lawyer with you when you face the court? Probably. Your lawyer will fight to ensure that you win the money you need to pay for all of your auto accident damages.

Meet with an Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

Auto injury claims are complicated and stressful, and dealing with this on your own after being seriously injured in a vehicle crash isn’t the greatest idea. You need to be concentrating on your recovery—not tracking down witnesses and arguing with money-hungry insurance companies.

We discussed five reasons to work with a lawyer after a car crash. There are many more reasons, and you can discuss them during a free claim evaluation with our firm. Reach out to Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys today. Complete the form at the bottom of this page or dial 1-844-404-2400 to get a lawyer on the phone.