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Car Accident Common Injuries

At DKB lawyers, we help clients that have been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of someone else.  There are car accident common injuries that present themselves on a regular basis, due to how or where a vehicle was hit.  Some of these result in minor bumps and bruises while other accidents can leave victims with lifelong back pain or the need for multiple surgeries.  Regardless of which situation you are in, we can help.

Some common car accident injuries include

  • Broken bones – When another vehicle hits yours, the force of the collision can cause your arms or legs to go flying and hit your steering wheel or another part of the vehicle incredibly hard.  The sheer force of it can cause a bone to break and if your car rolled over, the likelihood of that only increases.
  • Head and brain trauma – You can suffer from brain trauma even if your head was only slightly bumped on the window or somewhere else in your vehicle.  Your brain is so sensitive that just the slightest bump can cause you to suffer a concussion.
  • Whiplash – Perhaps one of the most common and famous car accident injuries, whiplash can cause severe headaches, neck and back pain.
  • Back injuries – Car accident common injuries often revolve around the back and neck because the force of the collision can cause your head and neck to move in a fast and unnatural way.
  • Sprains – Even sprains can be difficult to recover from and require medical attention.  You will have medical bills, so do not assume that you should not seek financial compensation for a sprain – you definitely should.
  • PTSD – Physical injuries are not the only problem after a car accident.  PTSD can also manifest itself, and that can negatively impact your ability to drive or even engage in normal daily activities.

Car Accident Common Injuries are Sometimes Delayed

It is possible for your injuries not to appear immediately. This is in part due to shock.  Your body will respond to the accident by going into shock and not feeling the full extent of what has happened to you.  It can take days or even weeks to fully experience it.  Simultaneously, there is always the risk of internal damage or PTSD that you may be unaware of until the problem becomes significantly worse.  This makes it important to visit a doctor after your accident and to delay passing judgement on whether or not you are actually recovered.

Deadlines To Be Aware Of

You must file a form with the DMV as long as there was more than $750 in damage or someone was injured.  This must be done within ten days of the accident.  Additionally, while injuries can range from mild to severe, failing to file a lawsuit within two years, can preclude you from being able to do so.  The court does not care if you have been undergoing surgery after surgery.  You still have to file within this deadline.  DKB lawyers can help you to do so.

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