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      $601,000 bad drug wrongful death
    • $750,000 rideshare car accident settlement
      $750,000 brain injury settlement
      $710,000 rear-end car accident settlement


Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

While you don’t have to hire an attorney to pursue compensation after a car accident, it can certainly improve your chance of a successful outcome. When you’re in an accident, the only way to receive compensation is to prove that someone else caused the wreck through negligence. If you can’t prove this, you won’t receive anything. That’s something your lawyer can help with.

Prove What Happened

When you work with a car accident attorney, you have someone on your side who can gather evidence to prove you are a victim and should be compensated.

During the discovery process, an attorney can ask the other party questions in a deposition, gather evidence like police reports and photos, and interview witnesses. This information can build a strong case for why you deserve full compensation for your damages.

An attorney can also work with your doctor to learn more about your injuries and what medical care will be required in order for you to recover. This helps ensure that you can recover compensation for your current medical treatments and any future health expenses that may become necessary.

Insurers Will Resist You

Negotiating with the insurance company isn’t easy. The insurance adjuster is not going to try to protect your best interests but will try to protect the company’s bottom line. This means the insurance company is likely to make an initial lowball settlement offer. Through negotiations, an attorney can often get the offer increased to an acceptable amount.

Get What You Deserve

Car crash injury lawyers know how to maximize your compensation by including in your claim damages that you may not even think about. For example, if you are trying to recover lost wages, consider what other money you have lost. You might have missed out on bonuses or contributions to your retirement fund by not having enough hours at work.

These are damages you can be compensated for. Knowing this, an attorney will fight to make sure no money is left on the table.

Get the Legal Help You Need

While you can still pursue compensation after a car accident without a lawyer’s help, you might be opening yourself up to failure if you choose to do so. Between the mountains of paperwork, reluctant insurance companies, and blame-shifting negligent parties, you’re going to face a lot of challenges as you pursue compensation. A lawyer can navigate those challenges with confidence.

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