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How to Get an Accident Report in Riverside County

If you are interested in obtaining a Traffic Collision Report (TCR), you must have either been involved in the accident, be the owner of the vehicle, or have authorization from the appropriate involved person.

Obtaining an accident report in Riverside County is an important step in filing a claim for compensation after you’ve been hurt in a car crash. To team up with someone who will handle details like this on your behalf and boost your chance of success, call a motor vehicle accident lawyer at Kohan & Bablove, LLP.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Accident Report?

Typically, a TCR will be available within ten days of your accident, unless criminal charges are involved, in which case the report may be delayed.

Is There a Fee for Requesting a Copy of My TCR?

Yes, there will be a fee, and the amount depends on how you request your report. Typically, the fee won’t exceed $12.

A common way to receive accident reports is through the LexisNexis system. You may also visit a police station or file a request by mail.

Other Pertinent Information

You will need to have specific information about the accident that matches the report in order to file the request for a TCR about your Riverside County accident. This could include the driver’s license number, date of birth, date of the crash, or the police report number.

In addition, if your wreck resulted in a death or involved an on-duty emergency response vehicle (a police cruiser or ambulance, in most cases), you will not be able to request a TCR online. You will instead have to make a request in person.

Contact a Riverside Car Accident Lawyer

If you have other questions about obtaining a Traffic Collision Report or would like to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced attorneys, fill out the contact form below or call 1-844-404-2400 to get in touch with Kohan & Bablove, LLP.