How to Report a Car Accident in Orange County

A car accident can be a scary experience. If you’ve never been in a wreck, you’re likely unsure what steps are required of you when it comes to reporting the crash to police, medical professionals, and insurance companies. Collisions can range from minor fender benders to disastrous pileups. No matter how severe the incident may... Read More

Suing Another Driver for Distracted Driving

One of the leading causes of car accident injuries is distracted driving. Texting and driving increases the risk of getting into a car crash threefold. Aside from texting and driving, there are multiple other forms of distracted driving, such as eating, talking to others, looking away from the road, or reaching for something in the... Read More

Getting Compensated for PTSD After an Auto Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are terrifying. They happen suddenly, without warning, and can cause serious injuries. But, many people are surprised to learn that the impact of a car accident often far exceeds physical trauma alone. In fact, it is not uncommon for injury survivors to suffer from psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Mental... Read More

Recovering Compensation for the Death of a Loved One

It’s your worst fear: losing someone you love before it’s their time to go. No one wants to face this possibility, but sometimes we’re forced to deal with losing a family member too soon. Sometimes, the death of a loved one is caused by another’s careless or reckless behavior. You certainly want justice if your... Read More

Injured as a Passenger in a Car Accident: Recovering Compensation

As a passenger in a car accident, you have as much a right to fight for compensation as the driver of the car you were traveling in. In fact, depending on where you were sitting in the vehicle, you could have endured far worse injuries than the driver did. But when you’re dealing with debilitating... Read More

How Do Rideshare Accident Lawsuits Work?

Whether you want to head out for a night on the town or don’t have transportation of your own, rideshare services like Lyft and Uber can be a convenient solution. But with the increasing popularity of these services, the number of accidents involving them has spiked. Unfortunately, filing a claim for compensation against Uber or... Read More

What to Do When an Auto Insurer Ignores You

No one ever said dealing with the insurance company was going to be easy—except for the insurance company. Insurers often masquerade as being on your side and make promises of looking out for your best interests. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. When it’s time to settle a claim, whether it’s their own policyholder or... Read More

Does Helmet Use Affect Bicycle Injury Claims?

As a cyclist, you are at an increased risk of injury than someone who is traveling in a motor vehicle. A bicycle is simply no match for an automobile weighing thousands of pounds. When you’re involved in a wreck caused by a negligent driver, you should be able to recover a portion of your losses... Read More

Riverside County’s Most Dangerous Streets and Intersections

Riverside County is home to some of the most dangerous intersections in all of California. People who suffer injuries after being involved in motor vehicle accidents in these areas are likely to endure serious damages that can be recovered when you file a claim in civil court with the help of a Riverside car accident... Read More

Can Injury Claims Be Filed for Wildfires?

In California, it is not uncommon for individuals and businesses to be impacted by devastating wildfires. More than 7,000 wildfires were reported in 2017, with over 500,000 acres of land destroyed. More recently, the Mendocino Complex Fire has destroyed more than 360,000 acres and countless homes as of the time of this writing. A firefighter... Read More