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Orange County Welding Injury Lawyer

Putting the pieces of your life back together after a welding injury can be difficult, but an Orange County welding injury attorney can make it much easier.

As a welder, you likely know there is some risk in your job. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be exposed to unnecessary risks. When you suffer damages as a result of negligence on the part of your employer or a product manufacturer, you might be wondering what your options are.

One choice is to file a personal injury claim. To do this, you may need the help of a qualified Orange County welding injury lawyer. Our team at Kohan & Bablove, LLP is here to provide you all the help you need as you seek compensation.

Injuries Tied to Welding Accidents

It’s no secret that welding requires focus, safety, and skill. But even the most advanced welder can be involved in an accident that causes injuries. And because of the danger associated with this workplace task, the damages that result are often severe and have long-lasting impacts on the affected worker.

Identifying your injuries will play a crucial role in building your personal injury case. Getting a professional diagnosis will allow your Orange County welding accident lawyer to prove the severity of your case and the liability of the at-fault party so you can find a favorable outcome.

Some of the injuries typically associated with welding accidents include the following:

How an Orange County Welding Accident Lawyer Can Help

When the time comes to file your claim seeking compensation for your damages, every move you make is going to play a role in the outcome of your personal injury case. These claims can be very complex, and even the smallest errors or statements could lead to missed benefits when you need them the most.

In fact, you’ll first need to demonstrate that you even have grounds to file an injury claim outside of the workers compensation system. Your welding injury lawyer in Orange County can help you determine whether you qualify.

Our team is highly experienced with handling claims like yours. We’ll know how to deal with the negligent parties, how to file your claim on time and without any errors, and how to fight for your compensation. This means you can focus on your recovery, rather than worrying about putting together a viable case.

Connect with an Orange County Welding Injury Attorney

If you were hurt in an on-the-job accident and are interested in filing a personal injury claim, our team at  Kohan & Bablove, LLP is here to help. Our attorneys will do everything they can to help you secure maximum compensation for all the hardships you’re facing.

If you’re ready to get started, get in touch with an Orange County welding injury lawyer today. We can be reached online via the contact form at the bottom of the page, or you can simply call our office directly at 1-844-404-2400.