Driver Kills Man in Wheelchair

September 1, 2017

A two-car crash in Stanton earlier this month led to the death of a pedestrian who was passing through the area in a wheelchair. The August 15 crash at the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Chapman began when the driver of one car struck a small SUV as both vehicles were moving south.

The driver of the first vehicle then lost control and veered onto the sidewalk and struck the sixty-three-year-old wheelchair-bound man. Two parked cars were also hit in the crash.

Pedestrians Always at Risk

It’s tempting to think that the damage and injury from car accidents and other motor vehicle crashes is limited to the involved vehicles and their occupants. Unfortunately, pedestrians and others outside vehicles (including bicyclists) are often victims of car crashes. Nationally, pedestrians have been accounting for an increasing share of all traffic fatalities. In 2015, pedestrians made up 15 percent of all crash victims.

In California, the numbers are significantly worse. Last year, 25 percent of crash fatalities were pedestrians. That was a decrease from the year before but still left 359 California pedestrians dead. Even with the state’s poor record, some places stand out as dangerous hotspots; as many as 44 percent of fatal crashes in Los Angeles involve pedestrians.

Wheelchairs on the Radar

This incident—a man in a wheelchair on a sidewalk being killed by a driver—might seem to be a fluke, but similar crashes happen more often than you might suspect. We’re aware of about ten such collisions nationwide just this summer.

More specifically, we’ve seen at least three other crashes into wheelchairs reported in California in less than a week. Last week, a man in Arroyo Grande and a woman in Sebastopol were seriously injured when each was struck while crossing the street. In Fresno, another man in a wheelchair was struck and left in critical condition; full details of that crash haven’t been made available.

Drivers of all vehicles should take note: Wheelchairs and motorized scooters are everywhere. When you spot one, act appropriately. They might take more time crossing the street, and just as with other vehicles and pedestrians, they might take unexpected actions, such as crossing between intersections or using the street because there is no sidewalk or the sidewalk is blocked.

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