• $ 2,000,000

    slip-&-fall settlement

  • $1,325,000

    wrongful death settlement

  • $601,000

    bad drug wrongful death

  • $550,000

    Premises liability settlement

  • $490,000

    Premises liability settlement

  • $450,000

    car accident injury settlement

  • $265,000

    Premises liability settlement

  • $250,000

    motorcycle accident settlement

  • $250,000

    motorcycle accident settlement

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Premises Liability Settlement


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Premises Liability Settlement


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Premises Liability Settlement

Orange County Premises Liability Lawyer

Premises Liability Lawyer Orange County California 1One of the best parts of living in Orange County is that there are no shortages of things to do and entertainment venues to visit. According to California law, property owners have a responsibility, even at theme parks, to provide visitors with a safe environment free of the risk of injury. Although accidents and injuries from unsafe or poorly maintained property frequently occur in the United States, these types of cases can become complicated when proving the property owner or company is responsible for the injuries. If you are injured on someone else’s property, whether it’s a business or your neighbor, you should consult an experienced premises liability lawyer in Orange County California to see if you are entitled to compensation.

What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability doesn’t necessarily mean a property owner or business is always responsible for injuries that occur on the property. However, if you can prove that the accident or injury occurred due to the owner’s negligence in providing a safe environment, you may have a premises liability case. Further, the owner may be responsible for providing compensation for your injuries and any losses that occur as a result. The most common types of premises liability cases include slip and falls which can happen at a grocery store, at the bank, or even on the front steps of your apartment building.

Common Causes of Injuries in Premises Liability Cases

There are many reasons you might be injured due to a property owner’s negligence. Some of the most common causes of premises liability cases in California include the following:

  • Failure to maintain walkways due to bad weather
  • No warning signs for wet or dangerous areas
  • Faulty stairs
  • Broken elevators
  • Vicious animals
  • Swimming pools

Recovering Compensation for Injuries

Premises Liability Lawyer Orange County California 2Seeking compensation in premises liability cases can be more complicated than other types of accidents like car accidents and truck accidents because you have to prove that the owner of the property was negligent and responsible for your injuries. You must also prove that the party created the hazardous condition (knowingly or unknowingly), that the owner was aware of the condition but failed to make appropriate corrections, and that the owner or responsible party had enough time to make the correction.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

To make premises liability cases even more difficult, you’ll often have to face insurance companies representing the property owner who probably won’t want to cover the costs of your injuries and loss. If they do settle, it may be for a significantly lower amount than you need. A qualified and experienced premises liability lawyer in Orange County California can make sure your injuries now and in the future are properly evaluated.

Dickson Kohan & Bablove Can Help

Premises liability cases often involve a number of high-powered professionals who won’t have your best interests in mind. In order to receive the compensation you deserve you need the experience of DKB Lawyers on your side. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to navigate this process alone. If you have been in a car accident, you can’t afford to wait or attempt to deal with it alone. Call us for a consultation at 844-404-2400 or contact our office online immediately.