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Newport Beach Premises Liability Lawyer

When a property hazard causes a serious injury, you deserve compensation from the property owner to cover your losses. Find out if your case qualifies by consulting with a Newport Beach premises liability lawyer.

Whether at a shop or a personal residence, getting hurt on someone else’s property can leave you dealing with expensive medical bills and other losses—all at no fault of your own. However, property owners have an obligation to keep their visitors safe, meaning that you might have grounds to seek compensation if dangerous property hazards caused your injury.

Unfortunately, proving fault in these situations is difficult, and no insurance company wants to pay out more than they absolutely have to. To get the settlement you deserve, contact a Newport Beach premises liability lawyer from Kohan & Bablove, LLP.

Do You Have a Premises Liability Case?

Premises liability refers to the responsibility of a property owner or manager to maintain a building and its grounds to safe standards. If a property owner fails to do so and you get hurt, they could be liable for any accidents and injuries that you experience.

While this may sound simple and straightforward, the law is actually quite a bit more complicated than that. The property owner is likely to try and prove that you caused your own accident in order to limit their own financial liability. In some cases, the owner may try to make the case that there was no way for them to know of the danger.

In either case, a Newport Beach premises liability lawyer from our firm can help you determine whether you have a case and precisely who was at fault.

Proving Fault for Property Hazards

Your Newport Beach premises liability lawyer will gather all of the available evidence that proves you deserve compensation and who owes it to you. We need to demonstrate all of the following points:

  • Where your accident took place
  • That the property owner should have known of the danger
  • That the property owner could have prevented the accident had the grounds been kept in good repair or provided you with a proper warning of the danger

For example, if a business mopped a section of floor and failed to put out signs warning of the wet floor, they would be at fault for any injuries suffered when a customer slipped and fell on the wet surface.

Money to Cover Your Injuries

The compensation you receive for your injuries should include all of your injury-related expenses. This may include any of the following items that apply to your premises liability case.

  • Lost Income – If you either took time off from work to go to the doctor or have been unable to work while recovering, you should be compensated for those lost wages along with your anticipated future wage losses.
  • Medical Expenses – All of your medical bills, medications, therapies, treatments, medical equipment, and similar needs should be paid for. Your Newport Beach premises liability lawyer will work with your doctor to calculate what your future medical expenses will be, as well.
  • Lifestyle Changes – If you have had to hire in-home medical care, pay for transportation, remodel your home, or experience a decreased quality of life, you could also receive compensation for these non-economic damages.

Meet with a Newport Beach Premises Liability Lawyer

Do not attempt to negotiate with an insurance company or opposing attorney on your own. Anything you say can—and will—be used against you in an attempt to limit the amount of money you receive.

A Newport Beach premises liability lawyer from Kohan & Bablove, LLP can represent you, handle all of the negotiations, and ensure that your legal rights are protected. To schedule a free consultation, simply call 1-844-404-2400 or complete the contact form on this page.