OC Residents Victims of Fatal Crashes

November 9, 2017

A Costa Mesa man and his passenger both died from injuries sustained in a multi-vehicle chain-reaction crash on the 57 Freeway late last month. The ultimate cause of the early-morning crash on October 28 hasn’t been determined, but news reports suggest that several risk factors came together at the wrong place and wrong time, ending with a tragic outcome.

Secondary Crash, Alcohol Involved, Distraction Possible

The victims were heading south in a Toyota Corolla on the 57 in Diamond Bar just before 3 a.m. when they came across a flatbed tow truck on the right shoulder. The truck was there to help another vehicle.

For reasons unknown, the Corolla swerved and struck the tow truck. It’s not known how seriously injured the Corolla’s occupants were at that point, but about a minute later, a Toyota Tacoma pickup driven by an allegedly drunk driver slammed into the Corolla, causing both occupants to be ejected onto the highway. The pickup then hit another vehicle (unoccupied) which had stopped to help after the Corolla crash. That caused the Tacoma to roll.

The Corolla passenger died at the scene, and the driver passed away at the hospital. The Tacoma driver was injured and later arrested on a DUI charge.

DUI a Tremendous Risk

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a huge danger both to those who do it and to everyone else on the road. Yet an astounding number of California drivers do it: Every year from 2003 to 2013, law enforcement made at least 160,000 DUI arrests. Most years, drunk drivers claim more than 1,000 lives in our state.

Secondary Incidents

The Corolla crash was a “secondary incident,” meaning that it happened after some other crash or vehicle problem had already happened in the same place. That’s true for about 20 percent of all crashes, which is part of why police and other responders try to clear crash sites as quickly as possible.

Every minute a crash stays on the road brings traffic delays and increased crash risks for other motorists.

Good Samaritan Also Victim

Less than forty-eight hours after the crashes in Diamond Bar, early on Monday, October 30, another Orange County man (from Fullerton) died in Garden Grove, along with the driver he had stopped to help. A third vehicle crashed into the two men as they inspected the damage. Both died at the scene, and it’s still unknown whether alcohol or drugs were also involved in that crash.

Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

Car crashes happen for all kinds of reasons, but whether they happen because of reckless driving, distracted driving, high speed, or DUI, 94 percent or more of all crashes are preventable. When a driver causes a crash and injures others, the victims can often turn to the courts for help.

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