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Orange County Toxic Exposure Lawyer

If it doesn’t kill you, exposure to toxins will do nothing less than seriously injure you. For that, you deserve compensation, and an Orange County toxic exposure attorney can help you get it.

Exposure to toxic chemicals can affect the rest of your life, causing permanent damage and potentially shortening your life span. When this happens because of someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation to get your life back on track.

With Kohan & Bablove, LLP, your toxic exposure case will be handled as quickly as possible, from your free consultation to help with your medical expenses. When it comes to finding who’s at fault and seeking compensation, a poisoning case can be complicated, but with an Orange County toxic exposure lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that your claim is in good hands.

Causes of Toxic Exposure in Orange County

Toxic exposure can come from a wide variety of sources, from industrial to everyday products. Allowing the public to be exposed to harmful chemicals is dangerous and illegal. You may have still been exposed, however, and the first step to settling your claim is to investigate who caused your injuries. How we conduct that investigation will depend on what you have been exposed to.

Below is just a sample of the ways toxic chemicals can harm you in Orange County:

  • Household Products – Many cleaning chemicals and products can have adverse effects on your health, including some common personal care items. If you are experiencing poisoning symptoms, speak to your doctor about these symptoms and whether any common items could have caused them. If so, you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Workplace Chemicals – Many workers have been affected by chemicals like asbestos, which can be highly toxic in industrial concentrations. If you have contracted an asbestos-related illness and your employer allowed you to be exposed, you may be compensated.
  • Water Sources – Nearly every year, factories are found to be illegally dumping waste, such as mercury and lead, into nearby water sources. If you have been exposed to water from these sources, you could be poisoned. Negligent actions by any company can be accounted for in an Orange County toxic exposure suit.

Long-Term Effects of Toxic Exposure

Toxic exposure causes severe health issues and, in some cases, can lead to death. At high concentrations, toxic exposure can cause extreme symptoms, but many people are exposed to toxic chemicals over a long period of time, making the effects of poisoning especially subtle.

If you have been poisoned, you may suffer a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses. If you were exposed to toxic chemicals in Orange County and have contracted any of the following illnesses, you may be entitled to compensation:

Reach Out to an Orange County Toxic Exposure Attorney

If you have been exposed to harmful chemicals, you may struggle with the effects for the rest of your life. If you are seeking compensation, don’t hesitate to contact the qualified and experienced legal team at Kohan & Bablove, LLP.

Dealing with serious illnesses and your claim can be difficult, but we offer help. We will have your medical fees covered or delayed until your claim is resolved. For a free consultation with an Orange County toxic exposure lawyer, call us at 1-844-404-2400 or fill out the form below.