Orange County’s Most Dangerous Streets and Intersections

May 2, 2017

You probably have a sense that some roads and intersections are more dangerous than others—maybe you go out of your way to avoid a particularly busy intersection, or you stay off some streets because you’re convinced they’re just not safe, either because of some issue with the road itself, or because of the drivers you encounter there. But are some streets themselves more dangerous? According to a number of sources, both strictly measured and unscientific, the answer is “yes!”


Danger No Matter How You Slice the Data

Last year, OC Weekly teamed with a local data analysis firm to identify the most dangerous intersections in the county. They mined CHP’s public database of accident reports and came up with a list of the thirteen worst street crossings based on the total number of collisions in the twelve months just passed. Be sure to check out the list as chances are that you know some of these locations. You might even drive through some every day.

Of course, the number of collisions is just one way to measure how dangerous an intersection is. Different criteria can come up with different results. A different analysis by a California law firm using much of the same source data but ranking intersections not only by collisions but also by injuries and fatalities came up with very different results: None of those pegged by OC Weekly even made the top 400 statewide.

Several years ago, The Orange County Register also looked at fatalities, and their list was completely different. There are a lot of reasons why there might be so little overlap, including using different measures at different times, but as a driver (or a pedestrian or a cyclist), it’s helpful to keep in mind that any intersection can be dangerous, so you should always be on your guard.


How They Make Us Feel

About a year before their scientific approach, OC Weekly also produced a list based on how their staff felt about different stretches of Orange County road. That was based purely on their personal opinions, and while there’s only a little overlap with the others, that list included photos that make it clear why some of these places are notorious.

One thing is clear, whether it’s the infamously deadly stretch where Santiago Canyon Road, Jamboree, and Chapman come together, or the thirty-four-crossing “Orange Crush” interchange (listed by Guinness as the world’s most complex), Orange County has some dangerous sections of road. In most years, the county sees about one hundred roadway fatalities and many more injuries.


Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

You can take every precaution behind the wheel, but even being the safest driver on the road and studying every list of dangerous streets won’t completely protect you. There are millions of other drivers on California’s highways, and hundreds of thousands of intersections—and they can align to cause a crash at any time.

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