Who’s Liable for an Electrical Accident?

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When you’re hurt by a surge of electricity, you may feel long-term effects for weeks, months, or even a lifetime. A powerful shock can upend your life and your health in a moment.

But who’s at fault when you’re hurt in an electrical accident? If you’re not sure who’s liable, reach out to the lawyers at Kohan & Bablove Injury Attorneys to learn more about your options for compensation after your personal injury.

Types of Electrical Accidents

When you’re hurt in an electrical accident, you may not know who caused the injuries you suffered. That can make it tough to identify the at-fault party. Talk to your lawyer about the details of your claim to determine where your case falls among other electrical accident claims, like the following:

  • Electrical Burns – Appliances and electrical tools are everywhere, but that doesn’t make them safer. Your phone may have overheated in your pocket and burned you, for example. In these cases, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the manufacturer.
  • Electrocution – Around half of all electrocutions happen on the job. You may be working with a powerful energy source that can send an electrical shock through the body. But faulty wiring and safety failures can lead to other property becoming dangerous. If you were hurt because the property owner failed to make their property safe, you may have grounds to sue.
  • Electrical Fall Injuries – Many construction workers work directly with powerful energy sources, and that can be risky. Let’s say you were working on power lines, when something shorted out and shocked you. You may have fallen and suffered major head and back trauma. You may be eligible for compensation from your employer for your work-related injuries.

What If I’m Partly at Fault for the Accident?

When you’re hurt in an electrical accident, the at-fault party may not be so keen on offering you a fair settlement. They may instead try to pin the blame on you for the accident. If they succeed, you may only receive a portion of the compensation you’re due.

For example, you may need $100,000 for your recovery, but you were texting and distracted before the electrical accident. The at-fault party may claim you wouldn’t have been injured if you were paying attention. If you’re found 20 percent at fault, you’ll only receive $80,000 of the compensation you’re due.

That can make getting compensated fairly tough. Reaching out to a reputable lawyer can help you get compensated quickly and without allowing your compensation to be reduced.

Get Compensation for Your Electrical Accident

If you were hurt in an electrical accident, you may have grounds to sue. But who should you sue and does it matter if you were partly at fault?

When you lack the tools and knowledge to file a claim for your injuries, you may need a lawyer at Kohan & Bablove Injury Attorneys on your side. We offer free consultations, so we can answer your questions about suing the right party and what your claim is worth. When you’re ready, reach out by calling 1-844-404-2400 or by filling out the online contact form below.