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Riverside Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

You may feel helpless after your elderly loved one has been abused in a nursing home, but a Riverside nursing home abuse attorney can empower you and your family to fight back.

Elderly individuals deserve just as much attention and respect as anyone else. Unfortunately, some who live in nursing homes are not treated with care and dignity. In some cases, these individuals may even be abused or mistreated.

Fortunately, families have options available to help them find justice. Our team at Kohan & Bablove, LLP is here to offer assistance. With the help of a Riverside nursing home abuse lawyer from our firm, you and your loved ones can hold the liable parties accountable for what they’ve done.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

When you put your loved one in a senior living community, you expect that he or she will be treated with the utmost respect, care, and attention. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In some cases, your elderly family member may be treated poorly or harmed. To find justice in a Riverside nursing home abuse suit, you need to first determine what is going on.

Some signs that could indicate nursing home abuse or neglect include the following:

  • Mysterious cuts, bruises, or burns
  • Worsening illnesses due to a lack of medication
  • Bedsores, which often develop when your loved one is left in bed for many hours
  • Personality or mood changes
  • Refusing to speak or communicate with you or your family members

Types of Riverside Nursing Home Abuse Claims

If you believe your elderly loved one has been neglected or abused, you and your nursing home abuse attorney in Riverside will need to determine the specifics of the situation. Your loved one may be mistreated or neglected in various ways, and understanding these different types of abuse is crucial to building your case.

This will allow your attorney to determine what exactly your elderly loved one has been through and seek the appropriate compensation for you and your family. Some of the common types of nursing home abuse include the following:

  • Physical – Physical abuse is what most people think of when they think of elder abuse. This may involve staff members hitting, slapping, pushing, or otherwise bringing physical harm to the resident.
  • Sexual – This type of nursing home abuse may include inappropriate touching, forced nudity, or sexual assault.
  • Psychological – It’s important for staff members to treat elderly residents with care and respect. Verbal assault, humiliation, yelling, or otherwise threatening your loved one is considered emotional or psychological abuse, and it can lead to devastating effects.
  • Neglect – When nursing home staff members fail to properly care for elderly residents, it is considered nursing home neglect. This may include failing to provide food, water, or medicine, as well as failing to keep residents clean and comfortable.

Get in Touch with a Riverside Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you believe your loved one has suffered from nursing home neglect or abuse, our team at Kohan & Bablove, LLP wants you to know you’re not alone. We also want you to know we’re here and ready to provide you and your family with the aggressive representation and compassionate counsel needed to recover from this trauma.

To schedule a free consultation, give a Riverside nursing home abuse lawyer at our firm a call at 1-844-404-2400 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of the page.