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I was referred to Jesse from my chiropractor after he reccomended I give him a call a couple of times. I was nervous to call an attorney, but so glad I did! Jesse Bablove handled everything while also ensuring I received any aftercare I needed to recover from the accident! Recognize your value and worth and give them a call. Thank you guys for going above and beyond!

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Mr. Bablove managed to help me receive the maximum payout possible from my auto accident. He was very responsive and made sure I got every bit of medical attention I needed. He’s a good guy, I would highly recommend him.

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Upon being referred to the guys at Kohan & Bablove Injury Attorneys, I spoke with Jesse about my case, and from the get go he was super hands on and a genuine guy who treats you like family and cares for the well being of his clients. I would definitely recommend Jesse and his team to one of my friends or family members!

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After being injured at work, you deserve to receive both medical care and compensation. If you are being denied these rights or are having difficulty processing your workers compensation claim, call, Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys to speak with a Riverside workplace injury lawyer.

After your accident, you and your employer may no longer have the same goals and interests. Their objective will be to limit their liability and get you back to work as soon as possible, while yours will be to fully recover and receive compensation. This makes it in your best interest to speak with us as soon as possible.

Workplace Injury Statistics

In 2014, around 3 million workers became sick or were injured on the job. Of these, 4,679 were killed. If you were injured at work, you have legal rights that must be respected, and if your loved one was killed on the job, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his or her estate.

Receiving Compensation for Your Workplace Injury

After being injured at work, you can receive workers compensation benefits, which will be equal to a percentage of your normal wages. This is in addition to having your medical bills covered by the workers compensation insurer.

However, workplace injuries and fatalities are often the result of third parties violating safety precautions. For example, an equipment manufacturer may design a faulty safety product or have a defect in their manufacturing process. In cases like these, the negligent party may be made to pay financial damages by filing a civil lawsuit.

Steps You Need to Take After an Accident

If you have been injured on the job, it is critical that you take the time to document your injuries. Your Riverside workplace injury lawyer will prove that you were injured at work and precisely how you were injured. If you do not immediately file a report with your employer, they may claim that you were actually hurt elsewhere.

After a workplace injury, you should always follow all of the steps listed below:

  • Report your injury immediately after it happens or as soon as you become aware of it
  • Visit a doctor so that you can be examined and diagnosed
  • Take pictures and document what happened, the area the workplace injury occurred in, what harmed you, pictures of your injuries, and anything else that could prove your case
  • Write down the contact information for any witnesses
  • Call our office to discuss your legal options with a Riverside workplace injury lawyer

Workplace Injuries Can Be Expensive

After being injured at work, all of your medical bills should be covered. If they are not, an attorney from our office can help you as your Riverside workplace injury lawyer.

You have the right to reach your maximum level of recovery, meaning that not only should your medical expenses be paid for, but if you need certain procedures or surgeries, those should be covered as well.

Unfortunately, since the insurance company will be more concerned with their profits than your wellbeing, they may deny your request for treatment. In this case, we will help you receive the medical care necessary for your recovery.

Is Your Claim Being Denied?

There is always a possibility that your employer or their insurance company will attempt to deny your workers compensation claim. Some of the common arguments used by employers and insurers are as follows:

  • You were hurt elsewhere
  • Your injuries are being exaggerated
  • You can work but don’t want to

Your Riverside workplace injury lawyer will fight these false claims by gathering the evidence to disprove them and developing a convincing case explaining why you deserve compensation.

A Riverside Workplace Injury Lawyer Can Protect You

When fighting for your full workers compensation benefits, you will be going up against both your employer and their attorneys and insurance company. It won’t be a fair fight unless you have legal representation of your own.

We understand both workers compensation and personal injury law and how to apply them to your case to ensure that you receive the compensation and medical care you rightfully deserve. With our help, you won’t be pushed around by the insurance company, taken advantage of, or harmed by your personal lack of legal experience.

Speak with a California Workplace Injury Attorney

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