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Losing a loved one due to an unforeseen accident is both devastating and traumatic. If that person was also providing for your household, the financial impact of losing his or her income will make the grieving process overwhelming, as you now have to worry about how you are going to pay the mortgage or keep the lights on.

If you work with a Riverside wrongful death lawyer from Dickson, Kohan & Bablove, LLP, you can focus on what matters most and leave the legal and financial concerns to us. No matter how your loved one passed, whether it was in a car accident or due to a defective product, we can assist you.

Why You Need a Riverside Wrongful Death Lawyer

The legal system is complicated and can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of an attorney. Without one, it will be easier for the other party to take advantage of your legal inexperience and either get your case thrown out or pay very little in damages.

By working with a Riverside wrongful death lawyer from our office, we can ensure that your rights are protected, that you are not taken advantage of, and that the legal system is used in your favor. Our aid will also increase your likelihood of receiving a fair financial settlement.

Who Can Sue for Wrongful Death in California

A Riverside wrongful death lawyer from our firm can help you determine if you have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of your deceased love one.

According to sections 377.60–377.62 of the California Code of Civil Procedure, a person who was financially dependent on the deceased may file a lawsuit for financial compensation. The statute specifically gives the right to sue to a spouse, child, domestic partner, and the person inheriting the estate of the deceased.

Other parties, like the deceased’s parents, can also sue if they were financially dependent upon the deceased. We can discuss the relationship you had with the deceased and help you determine if you qualify to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Building a Wrongful Death Case

Once you have retained a Riverside wrongful death lawyer from our office, we can begin building a case that demonstrates how your loved one died, who was at fault, and why you deserve compensation.

We will gather all of the following elements during this process:

  • Evidence demonstrating how the accident occurred
  • Proof that another party was negligent and therefore responsible
  • Medical documentation that demonstrates what the cause of death was
  • Witness testimony
  • Financial records to prove what the deceased was earning and what he or she was likely to have earned in the future

With this information in hand, we can value your claim and negotiate with the insurance company directly to see if they will settle your case fairly. If our evidence is strong enough, they may agree to do so. Otherwise, we will proceed to court.

The Process of Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

If negotiations break down, your Riverside wrongful death lawyer will need to file a lawsuit on your behalf and schedule a court date. Once the suit is filed, both sides may conduct depositions in order to ask questions under oath and gather more information.

Pretrial motions will also be heard by a judge, and this is where the other party may request that the case be dismissed. As long as there is evidence to prove the wrongful death, it is unlikely that they will be successful.

We will prepare you and the witnesses prior to trial. When the court date arrives, we will present our case and question witnesses, and the other side will do the same. Once the case has been fully presented, a judge or jury will determine if you are entitled to compensation and how much.

Keep in mind that you can always settle with the other side prior to going to court if they make a fair offer. Your Riverside wrongful death lawyer will evaluate any settlement offers and advise you accordingly.

Placing a Value on Loss of Life

Part of our job is to help determine what your claim is worth. This is difficult to do in a wrongful death case simply because there is no amount of money that can bring back your loved one. However, a Riverside wrongful death lawyer from our office can calculate an amount by factoring in things like the deceased’s lost wages.

For example, if your spouse was killed at age forty and was likely to work until reaching the age of sixty-five, we could determine how much support the family would have received if he or she had been able to keep working. If your spouse had been making $50,000 per year, that would amount to at least $1.25 million over that time period.

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