Surprising Damages You Can Claim in Injury Cases

August 11, 2022

When someone acts without reasonable care and causes injuries, you can sue them and recover all losses you’ve suffered. While this monetary compensation does not undo the defendant’s negligence, it reduces the worries about recovery costs and helps you return to a normal life. 

Unfortunately, most injury victims don’t understand their rights at this point, including the type of damages to recover. This is why a personal injury lawyer is best suited to evaluate the case and calculate your claim’s value before filing. Below are some surprising damages your attorney can help you claim in an injury case. 

Tips, Overtime, and Bonuses in Lost Wages

One of the damages you’ll be seeking to recover after a personal injury is wages lost for the period you can’t go to work or earn a living. What most injury victims don’t know is that this reimbursement goes beyond your flat rate hourly wage.

You can also seek compensation for tips you could’ve received if you were still working, bonuses, overtime pay, lost vacation days, commissions, and so on. This can be especially important for those who make the majority of their living from these, such as servers in restaurants. 

Damages Due to Altered Plans

A personal injury claim can also compensate a victim who had to cancel or change plans because of the accident. 

For example, suppose you were to go on vacation in a few days but got into an accident. In that case, the injury claim might compensate for things like the plane ticket, accommodation costs, and the loss of an opportunity to enjoy life as you had planned.

Household Services

Can’t perform everyday household chores due to the injury? You can seek compensation for this too. 

To calculate the monetary value, your attorney will ask for a list of household chores you performed, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, mowing the lawn, repairs, and renovations, as well as how often you did it. 

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

If you cannot participate in activities you previously found enjoyable due to accident injuries, be sure to include this in the claim too. This encompasses both physical and intellectual activities such as playing football and reading. You may be sure your medical bills are covered, but it’s not only about your health. 

Loss of enjoyment is an example of non-economic damages where you don’t have an exact monetary value to work with. Talk to your lawyer, who will have the tools you need to calculate your claim’s full value.

Seek Legal Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries leave victims suffering different types of losses, which can be monetary or otherwise. While the type of damages you can claim depends on how the accident has affected you and your loved ones, it’s easy to miss some because they’re not common in other injury cases. 

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