Which Orange County Cities Have the Most Car Accidents?

August 20, 2022

Car accidents can happen at any time, anywhere, to even the most vigilant drivers. Being careful is vital, but some areas are more prone to accidents than others due to certain factors, like visibility or volume of traffic. 

If you’re concerned about having an Orange County car accident, check out the details about Orange County cities with the highest number of accidents. When you know what to expect, you can take the right steps toward a full recovery from your car accident. 


Anaheim has the highest number of accidents in Orange County, with tens of thousands of car crashes reported in just a few years. Streets like Harbor Boulevard, La Palma Avenue, and Beach Boulevard alone see many accidents every year. 

Orange County’s Anaheim is a popular tourist destination, as it contains Disney Land. That means the city sees a massive influx of tourists during the peak seasons. Overcrowding and tourists who aren’t familiar with the city’s layout may lead to serious accidents and injuries. 

Roads like Harbor Boulevard and Beach Boulevard have prominent numbers because they have a longer span across Orange County than other roads. They are major roads that are used often, and that volume of traffic can make a big difference. 

Orange City

Orange City, especially Euclid Street and Chapman Avenue, sees thousands of accidents each year. This city is one of the busiest in Orange County, and so much traffic can lead to a serious accident with just a single mistake. 

Let’s say you’re stuck in traffic on Chapman Avenue. You may be waiting at a stop, but another driver is careless and doesn’t notice you’ve stopped. It takes only a second of distraction to rear-end you, possibly causing serious injuries and major expenses. 

If you’ve been hurt by a distracted driver in Orange City’s traffic, you may even have grounds for a lawsuit. Reach out to a car accident lawyer when you’re hurt and in need of compensation after your car crash. 

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is another popular tourist destination, great for surfers and beachgoers. Unfortunately, its popularity means that the peak season in the summer can be especially dangerous. Roads like Edinger Avenue and Beach Boulevard may see an increase in severe accidents and even fatalities as more people visit the city. 

Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue see some of the highest numbers of injuries in the county. This is one of the areas that have the highest volume of traffic. It is right next to a shopping area, and the on and off ramps for the freeway. This means that it is a likely spot to see a lot of accidents happening. 

Tourist season can also lead to more drunk driving accidents. Drivers may not follow the rules of the road, getting behind the wheel past the legal limit. If you were hit because someone else was driving drunk, drowsy, or distracted, reach out to an attorney for guidance. 

Seal Beach

Seal Beach sees a high number of car accidents, many of them occurring where the interstate intersects Seal Beach Road. These intersections can be tricky to navigate. When you include heavy traffic, you may find yourself struck by a driver who wasn’t paying close attention to the road. 

Statistics on fatal collisions show that the majority of them happen on or close to freeways. The high speeds and merging required are a recipe for disaster. When these accidents happen, fatalities are more common because of the high speeds. 

If a family member or loved one has suffered a fatal accident, you may have grounds to sue on their behalf. The deadly accident may have been caused by someone’s carelessness. If this happens, you and your lawyer can prepare a wrongful death claim for your family’s suffering. Talk to your attorney about your lawsuit after a family member’s deadly car accident. 

Contact a Professional for Help

If you’ve been in a car accident, you want to seek fair compensation for the damages you’ve experienced. Even if you have the answers you want about Orange Country’s accidents, you may find yourself struggling to get answers about your damages. If you find yourself struggling to get the compensation you deserve, speak with a car accident attorney who can help. 

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