If you were the victim of a hit-and-run accident, you might be unsure if you have any options available to you. You’re likely looking at injuries, mounting medical bills and damage to your property. You don’t deserve to be stuck with the costs of an accident that you didn’t cause. Continue reading to learn more about what to do when a negligent driver struck you then fled the scene.

What the Law Says About Hit-and-Runs

In the state of California, it is a criminal offense to leave the scene of an injury accident before the authorities arrive. The driver who hit you and caused your injuries will face criminal charges once they are identified and located.

But a criminal conviction won’t repay you for the cost of your injuries and damages. For that, you’ll need to file a civil claim against the negligent driver. This can feel like a daunting task when you don’t have legal experience and you’re just trying to get your life back on track. An experienced hit-and-run lawyer can help gather evidence that proves fault.

Notify the Local Authorities

Even if you feel fine and your car doesn’t appear to be damaged, notify the authorities immediately and wait for them to arrive. The officer who arrives on scene will take stock of the incident and file a police report. This is a document that will be crucial to successfully proving negligence in your case.

Gather Evidence

Collecting evidence that proves negligence is necessary in every car accident claim, but it’s especially important when you have an unidentified party. Before leaving the scene, take some time to write down everything you can remember about the accident. Answer questions such as the following:

  • What color, make, or shape of the car?
  • Did it have any outstanding features, such as bumper stickers or custom rims.
  • Did you notice any aggressive or careless driving minutes before the collision, such as swerving, brake lights, or honking from surrounding vehicles?

Take pictures of your vehicle and the surrounding area. The police will also document the scene, but it can never hurt to have as much information as possible.

Seek Medical Attention

Documentation of your injuries is crucial. Even if you feel fine after the wreck, schedule a doctor’s evaluation. This can help in two ways: first, it will provide specific and professional information about your physical health directly after the accident. This can help prove that any injuries were the direct result of the accident and not something unrelated.

Second, car accidents are known to bring about injuries that you don’t notice at first. Conditions such as whiplash, for example, can surface several days or even weeks after the accident. Internal bleeding might not feel like an injury, but without treatment, it can be fatal.

Contact a Hit-and-Run attorney for Help Seeking Compensation

A car crash can be a traumatizing experience. Factor in a driver who leaves the scene without even checking if you’re OK and you’re likely feeling extremely violated and scared. Seek justice in the form of monetary compensation with the help of an Orange County hit-and-run lawyer.

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Dockless scooter companies have taken over the streets of Orange County with their convenient and efficient idea of transportation. Although electric scooters are a fun way for pedestrians to get around town, they’ve proven to come with many risks. These scooters can travel at a maximum speed of twelve miles per hour and, when safety precautions aren’t taken into consideration, severe injuries can occur.

If you’ve been injured in a dockless scooter accident, our team at Dickson Kohan & Bablove LLP can help you pinpoint the liable party. We’ll assist you in pursuing legal action so you can recover the compensation you deserve for your damages. An Orange County dockless scooter accident attorney will support you throughout the legal process as you seek justice and focus on a full recovery.

Investigate Your Accident

The first step to take after getting injured in an Orange County dockless scooter wreck is to investigate your accident. By investigating, you’ll collect key information regarding how your accident occurred, why it occurred, and who’s ultimately responsible.

If a vehicle hit you while riding your scooter, you can try to get the police report to obtain details about the colliding driver. If your accident happened because of a scooter malfunction, you may need to get the scooter examined for a record of the defects. Your medical records and any documentation about financial losses you’ve suffered will also be helpful in supporting your case.

Prove Negligence Against the Liable Party

Once you’ve investigated your accident with the help of an experienced attorney in Orange County, you can pinpoint the liable party in your case and prove negligence against them in court.

If a driver hit you on your scooter, your investigation may have uncovered that the driver was distracted, speeding, or driving under the influence. As long as you have evidence such as witness testimonies or video footage to support your case, you’ll have a solid chance of winning a settlement.

If a scooter malfunction caused your injuries, an examination of the scooter and proof of the malfunction should be sufficient proof to sue the scooter company and recover compensation in court.

Calculate Your Settlement

When calculating your overall settlement, you’ll want to include all the damages you’ve suffered. You can include both financial losses and ways in which the accident has affected your overall lifestyle in your claim.

Financial losses, also known as economic damages, may include medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. Effects to your lifestyle, also known as non-economic damages, may include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, scarring and disfigurement, or emotional distress.

Contact an Orange County Dockless Scooter Accident Attorney

You may feel hesitant to pursue a lawsuit for your scooter accident when there haven’t been many scooter accident cases in the past to compare to. Our team at Dickson Kohan & Bablove has an in-depth understanding of personal injury litigation and we’re confident that we can apply the law to your accident. We’ll do our best to maximize your claim and secure you the compensation you deserve.

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When you are injured in a car accident in California and someone else is responsible for the collision, you have the right to file a car accident lawsuit against the liable party and obtain compensation for any damages you’ve experienced. Usually, the first thing you’ll be worried about is covering your medical expenses and any other financial losses you’ve suffered. 

What many injured victims are happy to find out is that their attorney can help them win other damages for the ways in which the accident has affected their lifestyle. These damages are known as non-economic damages. Both economic and non-economic damages are common in car accident lawsuits, but punitive damages are awarded only in rare circumstances.

At Dickson Kohan & Bablove LLP, we’ve helped clients recover all sorts of damages from their cases. If you believe you should be awarded punitive damages after a wreck, an Orange County car accident lawyer from our team can investigate your accident and negotiate on your behalf in the courtroom. 

How Punitive Damages Differ from Compensatory Damages

Compensatory damages is the overarching term used for both economic and non-economic damages. 

Punitive damages differ from compensatory damages in that they can only be awarded by a judge and they’re only awarded in circumstances where the defendant has shown particularly harmful behavior or blatant negligence. Often, a judge will award punitive damages in order to set an example.

California’s Law on Punitive Damages

California’s law on punitive damages, also known as exemplary damages, is stated in California Civil Code Section 3294. The code states that punitive damages can only be awarded when the defendant is proven guilty of oppression, fraud, or malice with clear and convincing evidence. It also says these damages will be awarded for the sake of example or as a way of punishing the defendant.

The code defines malice as intentional injury to a person or disgraceful behavior with a deliberate disregard for safety. The code defines oppression as disgraceful behavior that subjects a person to cruel and unjust suffering with mindful disregard to the person’s rights. 

When Punitive Damages May Be Awarded for Car Accidents

In order for punitive damages to be awarded in a car accident in California, the accident needs to be severe and the negligent driver needs to be proven particularly harmful in their actions.

For example, if you’re hit by a drunk driver who’s facing their second or third DUI offense, punitive damages may be awarded. If your accident was caused by a driver who experienced a fit of road rage and cut you off, then this would also be considered malicious and may be eligible for punitive damages.

Reach Out to an Orange County Car Accident Attorney

An investigation of your car accident will need to be performed in order to determine whether blatant negligence occurred. If the negligence can’t be considered oppressive, fraudulent, or malicious under the law, you’ll still have a chance of receiving compensatory damages for your wreck.

At Dickson Kohan & Bablove LLP, we’ll do our best to maximize your claim and convince the judge that you deserve this recompense. If you’d like to speak with an Orange County car accident lawyer about your case, call 1-844-404-2400 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

How Do Rideshare Accident Lawsuits Work?

Whether you want to head out for a night on the town or don’t have transportation of your own, rideshare services like Lyft and Uber can be a convenient solution. But with the increasing popularity of these services, the number of accidents involving them has spiked.

Unfortunately, filing a claim for compensation against Uber or Lyft can be quite complicated, and when you’re still recovering from your injuries, the last thing you need to be dealing with is the difficulty of such lawsuits.

Fortunately, with the help of an experienced car accident lawyer in Orange County, you can obtain the compensation that is rightfully yours. Read on to learn more about how to bring a civil lawsuit against a rideshare company and how much you can expect to recover when you win.  

Bringing a Claim Against a Rideshare Company

When you’ve been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident, it can be difficult to figure out who should be responsible for your damages. Both rideshare companies are insured, but the circumstances of your collision will determine how we proceed with your claim.

If your Lyft or Uber driver was negligent in some way, we may be able to file a claim with the rideshare company that employed them and bring a claim against the driver or their own insurance policy. This is true whether you were a passenger in the rideshare car or were hit by someone transporting passengers through Uber or Lyft.

Exactly how we proceed with your case will depend on the details of your unique situation and the insurance policies of the driver and company in question. Filing a civil lawsuit against a national corporation can be intimidating, which is why having a seasoned attorney on your side can be so helpful.

You’re Entitled to Full Repayment of Your Damages

No matter who is responsible for covering the costs of your losses, you are entitled to maximum compensation for your suffering. Some of the various damages we will consider when determining how much your rideshare accident claim is worth include the following:

  • Medical expenses, healthcare equipment, and installation fees
  • Lost wages and reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • The impact of disfigurement or scarring
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of household services
  • Property damage

There is no reason you should be compelled to cover the costs you’ve incurred when you weren’t responsible for the accident you were involved in. An Orange County car accident attorney can make sure you don’t have to. We’re here to help you get the most out of your injury claim.

Reach Out to an Orange County Car Accident Lawyer for Help

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