Can I Change My Accident Lawyer?

February 23, 2022

Firing, replacing, or switching attorneys in a case is never fun, but it happens all the time. In reality, California’s change of counsel law allows a client to switch attorneys at any time during the representation. Whether it’s a matter of legal ability or communication, choosing the right accident lawyer can be critical to the success of your case.

Reasons to Change Your Accident Lawyer

You might need the services of a new accident attorney for a variety of reasons. While you want to form an immediate bond with your lawyer, a belligerent, loud, or aggressive accident lawyer may not always be representing your best interests. Here are some of the most common indicators that you should look for a new attorney to handle your accident case:

  • Lack of interest in your case
  • Lack of confidence in your attorney
  • Lack of communication with your attorney
  • Disagreement about issues in your case
  • Not taking your accident injuries or damages seriously

Process for Changing Your Accident Lawyer

So you’re probably wondering how to fire your accident lawyer. Changing accident attorneys is a simple process. Simply meet with your new lawyer, sign a power of attorney, and inform your previous lawyer that he or she will no longer be handling your case.

However, changing your accident attorney can become more difficult if your case goes to court. This is because a formal motion for change of attorney must be submitted to the court and approved by the judge. Before filing a motion, you must find a new attorney to avoid delays and give your motion the best chance of being granted.

What to Look for in A New Accident Lawyer

You wouldn’t quit your job without first looking for a new one, would you? Alternatively, you should not fire your accident lawyer until you have found a suitable replacement. When looking for a new lawyer, you’ll want to be able to discuss your situation with them so you can see how they’ll approach your case.

Your new attorney must inspire confidence and trust in you. Competence, dependability, and openness are qualities you’ll seek in a candidate. During the consultation, ask questions such as, “How important is my case to you?” and “Will going to court help me get the most out of my claim?” This will help you avoid hiring a lawyer who is unsuitable for your case.

Contact an Accident Lawyer Today

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