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I was referred to Jesse from my chiropractor after he reccomended I give him a call a couple of times. I was nervous to call an attorney, but so glad I did! Jesse Bablove handled everything while also ensuring I received any aftercare I needed to recover from the accident! Recognize your value and worth and give them a call. Thank you guys for going above and beyond!

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Mr. Bablove managed to help me receive the maximum payout possible from my auto accident. He was very responsive and made sure I got every bit of medical attention I needed. He’s a good guy, I would highly recommend him.

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Upon being referred to the guys at Kohan & Bablove Injury Attorneys, I spoke with Jesse about my case, and from the get go he was super hands on and a genuine guy who treats you like family and cares for the well being of his clients. I would definitely recommend Jesse and his team to one of my friends or family members!

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When you’ve been injured in a motorbike wreck, you need to know how to get a full settlement to cover your damages and expenses. Work with a Fullerton motorcycle accident lawyer and find out how best to handle your claim.

Motorcycle riders have an unfair reputation for being reckless. After being hurt in a motorcycle accident, you could be blamed by the insurance company, even if you were completely innocent. This makes it important to have a Fullerton motorcycle accident lawyer from Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys in your corner.

Common Motorbike Accident Types

How your motorcycle crash occurred will be central to your personal injury claim. We’ll need to conduct a full investigation to determine who was at fault and how. The type of motorcycle wreck you experienced is actually incredibly important, as these circumstances will go a long way toward indicating fault.

These are just a few of the crash types that your Fullerton motorcycle accident lawyer will have experience investigating:

  • Sideswipes
  • Lane-change accidents
  • Rear-end accidents
  • Left-turn collisions
  • Single-bike accidents caused by dangerous roads

Any of these accidents can turn deadly, as motorcycle riders are twenty-seven times more likely to be killed in a crash than those riding in passenger cars or commercial trucks. If your loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident, call us to discuss filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

How Wearing a Helmet Impacts Fault

If you were not wearing a helmet, the other party could make a case that you were partially responsible, especially if your injuries involved your face, head, or brain. This would not prove that you were responsible for the accident, only that your injuries would have been less severe if you had been wearing a helmet. If this circumstance applies to your case, having a Fullerton motorcycle accident lawyer represent you becomes even more important.

Dealing with Insurance After a Motorcycle Wreck

It’s unfortunate, but insurance companies and their attorneys often try to take advantage of “reckless motorcyclist” stereotypes. They might try to convince a jury that your reckless driving caused the wreck and that you are therefore responsible for what happened.

Your Fullerton motorcycle accident lawyer can build a strong case that disproves this flimsy argument and firmly establishes the fault of the truly responsible party. By making it clear that your fault was minimal, we can maximize the amount of compensation that you receive.

Collecting Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident

We can help you get the most money for your personal injury claim. This is done by evaluating all of the financial expenses and non-economic damages caused by your motorcycle accident.

These are some of the damages that you might be able to get compensated for if they apply to your case:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and income
  • Mobility equipment, medication, and prosthetics
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost enjoyment of life

Consult a Fullerton Motorcycle Crash Attorney

It’s important to get the most compensation possible after a motorbike wreck, but the insurance company won’t make it easy. Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys has the experience you need to keep the insurer honest and get the settlement your recovery requires.

To arrange a time to meet with a Fullerton motorcycle accident lawyer during a free consultation, give us a call at 1-844-404-2400 or contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.