When Does a Car Accident Call for a Personal Injury Claim?

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A car accident causes serious injuries that are expensive to treat. If the worst case scenario takes place, a surgery might be needed after a high-speed collision between vehicles. It is not easy to deal with the damage caused by this event, and facing this large financial burden may compromise your ability to recover.

Many drivers are left wondering if they can do something to seek justice and receive compensation, as they’re uncertain on how to proceed after this traumatic experience. But this path is not an easy one to take, especially when insurance companies and the at fault party work together to consider you liable for what happened in order to avoid giving you the money you deserve.

For this reason, it would be in your best interests to file a personal injury claim after the accident. Doing so could allow you to obtain important evidence that may no longer be available if too much time passes, and it will give you the opportunity to understand if you really need to take further legal action against the other driver’s negligence.

Your Injuries Are Severe

If you’re still wondering whether or not you should file a claim, you can schedule a doctor’s appointment to clear all doubts. Speaking with a healthcare professional will allow you to understand the full extent of your injuries. If you require a specific treatment due to the fact that your general wellbeing took a serious hit, you’re well within your rights to seek compensation.

This doesn’t mean you can’t sue after a minor car accident, just that you have multiple reasons to do so if your injuries are serious enough to interfere with your daily routine.

You Lost a Loved One

A collision between vehicles involves multiple people and not all of them are able to leave the scene of an accident unscathed. Depending on the circumstances of the accident and the way it took place, passengers can be even more in danger.

It’s not unusual for a road wreck to cause fatalities. If a loved one or a family member was killed, taking legal action can help you honor their memory and put your mind at ease. In this case, it will be considered a wrongful death claim, which can be complex to deal with as the claimant. Remember to always gather as much evidence as possible after an accident before speaking with an attorney.

You’re Unable to Work

Another situation that calls for a personal injury claim is when your injuries are stopping you from working as you normally would. It’s not easy to deal with medical expenses and house-related bills if you lose your ability to generate income, especially if your savings account was not ready for an unexpected event as big as a car accident.

Taking legal action in this scenario could allow you to be compensated for the damage this event has caused to your income. Getting in touch with a car accident lawyer in this situation is crucial for the claimant, so you can simply focus on your treatment while a professional figure takes care of negotiating and calculating all your lost wages.

You Receive an Unfair Settlement Offer

As soon as insurance companies are informed about the accident, insurance adjusters will get in touch with you and offer you a settlement. Accepting might be tempting, and it may look like the best choice to make in order to protect your finances, but you have to keep in mind that insurance companies are a business and their objective is to generate profit.

If you accept the offer, you’ll likely find yourself in a bad spot in the long run once you realize that the amount of money you received wasn’t enough to cover all future expenses. That’s why it would be better to file a personal injury claim and let an experienced lawyer deal with insurance companies.

Learn Why You Need a Qualified Attorney

As soon as you take legal action against the other driver’s negligence, you can be sure they’ll do everything in their power to defend themselves. This means that you’ll have to take part in a legal battle against the at-fault party, the insurance company and multiple lawyers while injured.

Going into this fight alone could complicate things and waste your time and money. The lawyers at Kohan & Bablove Injury Attorneys have the tools, the knowledge and the experience necessary to make sure this doesn’t happen. If we’re able to take on your case, our team will handle your case in the best way possible and will help you maximize your compensation.

Car accident victims have already suffered enough and you don’t deserve to suffer again because of individuals who don’t have your best interests in mind. Call 1-844-404-2400 or use the following contact form to schedule your free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer.