Truck Drivers Can Be Crash Victims, Too

October 12, 2017

The driver of a FedEx semi-truck was killed late last month when a car caused his truck to go off a highway bridge on State Route 905 in Otay Mesa, on the south side of San Diego. The crash happened around 2:30 in the afternoon on September 26 and forced the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to close the westbound lanes of the highway and the road below for several hours.


Driving Decisions Questioned

CHP officials have stated that the car driver, a thirty-year-old San Diego woman, attempted to pass the truck on the right near the Beyer Boulevard exit. Witnesses have suggested that the driver was speeding, but the CHP has not confirmed this. Something happened during the passing maneuver that caused the vehicles to collide, and both drivers appear to have lost control at that time.

The car hit the bridge railing on the right and came to a rest, but the truck veered across the highway to the left, where it crashed through and over the guardrail. The truck rolled as it went down the embankment, coming to a stop in a broken heap on Del Sur Boulevard partially beneath the eastbound lanes of SR 905.

The FedEx driver is believed to have died on impact, as the cab hit straight on and was then crushed by the trailer behind it. None of the people in the car (the driver, four children, and another adult) were injured.


Safety Above All

Many people believe that passing on the right, as the car driver was doing in this crash, is illegal, but in most cases, it’s a perfectly legitimate maneuver, especially on a multi-lane highway. However, regardless of the traffic laws, drivers still need to make good decisions when it comes to their safety and the safety of those around them.

Drugs and alcohol are not believed to have been involved in this crash, but police haven’t determined whether other charges will be filed.


Truck-Car Collisions

Truck drivers will tell you that, in their opinion, car drivers cause almost all of the crashes between trucks and cars. While this might not be true, one thing is certainly supported by the data: When cars and trucks meet in a collision, it’s usually the car and its occupants who come out the worst. In fact, in more than 85 percent of all cases, the victims in a fatal crash with a truck are not in the truck—they’re in other vehicles or they’re pedestrians. That makes this crash an unusual exception: Everyone but the truck driver walked away unharmed.


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