Head-On Crash Kills Two Motorcyclists

September 28, 2017

Two men were killed on a Riverside County highway last week when their motorcycles collided head-on in the mountains southwest of Lake Elsinore.

The Sunday morning crash on September 17 forced officials to close the Ortega Highway (SR-74) between Riverside and Orange counties for nearly three hours. Driving conditions were good at the time, and the information available so far points to speed being the major factor in the crash.

It Only Takes One

Head-on collisions are perhaps the most terrifying kind of motor vehicle crash. Even the safest driver, who obeys all traffic laws, always stays at or below the speed limit, and drives with the best defensive practices, can’t always avoid them. They come out of nowhere, veering into oncoming traffic, crossing the yellow line, or even hurtling in the wrong direction down divided highways.

That seems to be what the evidence points to in this case. One of the bikers, a Buena Park man, was traveling westbound and operating safely when the other biker, a La Habra man traveling east, reportedly approached a curve at an unsafe speed. He reportedly crossed the double yellow line and struck the other vehicle head-on without warning. Both men died at the scene.

Second Crash, Third Fatality

This two-fatality crash on the Ortega Highway was tragic, but it was followed up with more bad news. The following day, another motorcyclist died on the same road in similar circumstances. He also drifted over the center line while traveling at an unsafe speed, striking a passenger car moving in the opposite direction. That marked the sixth fatality on that road in a month.

Riverside Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Not all motorcycle wrecks are fatal: In one recent year, more than 12,000 riders were injured in motorcycle crashes in California and survived. But those who suffer injuries can face serious problems in the aftermath.

When you’ve been in a motorcycle crash caused by another driver, it’s vitally important that you enlist the aid of an experienced legal team to recover compensation that ensures that all of your immediate and long-term needs are met. Crashes can leave a victim with medical bills that go on for many years, as well as the added burden of lost wages and income.

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