What to Do When an Auto Insurer Ignores You

March 1, 2019

No one ever said dealing with the insurance company was going to be easy—except for the insurance company. Insurers often masquerade as being on your side and make promises of looking out for your best interests. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

When it’s time to settle a claim, whether it’s their own policyholder or a claimant, insurance providers will often do everything they can to decrease or even eliminate the amount they should pay on a claim. Below, we discuss the different strategies insurance companies use to minimize the amount they’ll be required to settle for, and what you can do about it.

Insurance Tactics to Reduce Your Settlement

It happens more often than you might think: After you file a car crash claim, the insurance company is giving you the runaround or even completely ignoring you. This unscrupulous tactic can be quite effective, especially when claimants get tired of reaching out and hearing nothing back. The insurance provider does this  to get out of compensating you for the damages you have endured.

But, this isn’t the only strategy insurance companies use. They’ve been known to make insultingly low offers when they see how much your damages are actually worth. The insurance adjuster knows you’re desperate for your money, and they think by making you a quick offer, they’ll avoid paying out the true value of your claim.

Insurance adjusters have even been known to twist your well-intended statement to make it appear as though you’ve assumed liability for the cause of the accident. This can significantly decrease your settlement amount.

Each of these tactics make it a little easier for the insurer to pay you as little as possible. So, what can you do?

Let Your Attorney Handle Them

Fortunately, your California lawyer has little tolerance for this, and they are prepared to take legal action against them by bringing your auto accident claim to court. In most cases, even the threat of going to court is enough to convince the insurance adjuster to see reason. This process typically involves several negotiations before your lawyer can secure the settlement you deserve.

If the insurer refuses to continue negotiations, we are ready to bring them to court for the compensation that is rightfully yours. The insurance company thinks they can manipulate claimants and minimize the amount they’re obligated to pay, but when your attorney steps in, they will be forced to deal with someone who knows how to circumvent these underhanded tactics.

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Insurance companies have a reputation for ignoring and manipulating claimants and policyholders alike. Your car accident lawyer at Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys will be ready to take them on so you can receive your fair settlement and move forward with your life.

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