Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accident Injuries?

July 30, 2020

When you’re hurt in an Orange County car accident, you may need medical care right away for your injuries. But how are you supposed to pay for those losses? Medical care gets expensive fast, and you may already be worried about medical debt.

Does health insurance cover car accident injuries? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. The care your health insurance covers will depend on many factors. Because of this, you may need to speak to a lawyer about your situation. Car accident injuries can get expensive fast, and your insurer may not be committed to helping you get compensated.

What Your Health Insurance May Cover

In some cases, your health insurance may cover many of the expenses you’ve suffered because of your injuries. Your health insurance typically covers your losses regardless of the cause of your injuries. Whether you cut your thumb while chopping onions at home, or you suffered lacerations from glass in a car accident, your injuries should be covered.

But that doesn’t mean your insurance company will cover all your expenses. Keep in mind that your usual deductibles and policy limits may affect how much your insurance will cover. You shouldn’t have to pay for the costs your insurer didn’t cover. Because of this, you may still need to discuss your injuries and expenses with a qualified Orange County car accident lawyer.

Your Insurer May Not Be the Liable Party

Filing a claim with your insurance company can help you get some coverage for your medical care. But that doesn’t guarantee they’ll cover everything. Your insurance company may not be liable for your losses. The at-fault party in your Orange County car accident is the financially responsible one.

For example, your traumatic brain injury may require long-term care that your health insurance company may not cover. You may also need compensation for your lost wages, for the time you were unable to work, and for the damage to your car. These losses caused by the accident may not be covered by your health insurance.

Because of this, you may need to instead seek compensation through a civil lawsuit. This lawsuit gives you a chance to seek the compensation you need to cover all your losses, not just the ones your insurance company will cover.

Get Fairly Compensated with an Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

When you’re hurt in a car accident, you need compensation that covers all your expenses and suffering. But does health insurance cover car accident injuries?

Although your health insurance can cover some of the losses you’ve suffered, it won’t cover your other expenses. To get the maximum compensation for your claim, you may need to talk over your claim with a car accident lawyer from Kohan & Bablove Injury Attorneys. Your lawyer can help you file when you take advantage of your free consultation. Call 1-844-404-2400 or complete the online form below to begin.