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If you were injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, a Riverside semi-truck accident lawyer can help you file a personal injury claim to obtain the financial security you need to rebuild your life.

Few accidents produce injuries as serious as those seen in 18-wheeler collisions. Your recovery should be as easy as possible, which can be a challenge when you are faced with mounting medical expenses, household bills, and the care of your family.

At Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys, our aim is to ease this burden by handling the details of your case. A Riverside truck accident lawyer from our firm will investigate your crash to determine what caused it, who should be held responsible, and the amount of compensation you will need to support your standard of living.

Blame in 18-Wheeler Collisions

Perhaps the most common cause of semi-truck accidents in Riverside is the truck driver. Simply because of the size of the vehicle, driving a semi-truck carries a greater obligation to practice safe driving than driving a sedan carries. Commercial vehicles can be more than twenty times bigger than cars and will cause significantly more serious injuries than those sustained in run-of-the-mill car accidents.

Distracted driving often contributes to these collisions. Distracted driving happens when the driver is preoccupied with something other than the road. The trucker could be changing the radio station, fiddling with the navigation system, reaching for a beverage, or using a cell phone instead of focusing on his or her surroundings.

Another commonly seen cause of Riverside truck crashes is driving while impaired. Getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not only irresponsible, it’s illegal in all fifty states. Truckers can lose their license and their job and face criminal charges, in addition to your personal injury claim, if they cause a crash while operating a vehicle under the influence.

Fatigued driving, aggressive driving, speeding, and making poor driving decisions during inclement weather are also ways a trucker can cause a crash in Riverside. When a trucker is reckless with his or her driving, people get hurt.

Truck drivers are held to an even higher standard than those operating non-commercial vehicles, and when they ignore this responsibility, they should be punished accordingly.

Other Potential Liable Parties

While the truck driver is the most commonly at fault in trucking accidents, numerous individuals can play a role in ensuring safety. If any one of these people has been irresponsible in the care of the commercial vehicle, they can and should be held liable for their negligence and the harm they have caused.

Vehicle parts manufacturer and technicians have a duty to install quality parts. If faulty parts are used or parts have become defective, and the manufacturer failed to notify the proper authority that the parts needed replacing, the manufacturer could be found negligent.

Other liable parties could include the trucking company itself for overworking the driver and failing to schedule based on industry standards, which include shifts that don’t exceed thirteen hours, a minimum of thirteen hours between shifts, and no more than six working days in a row.

One of the leading causes of truck crashes is a trailer disconnecting from the bed of the truck or cargo in the trailer getting loose and falling onto the roadway. The cargo loaders are responsible for making sure the trailer is secured properly so this doesn’t happen. When it does, those responsible have put the safety of thousands of drivers and passengers who encountered the truck in jeopardy.

In any case, your truck accident lawyer in Riverside will investigate the extent of the involvement each of these parties had in causing your crash and hold them accountable for their actions.

The Insurance Company and Your Riverside Truck Crash Claim

Once you are medically stable, it will be important that we inform the insurance company of your involvement in a Riverside truck crash. Expect the insurer to initially offer you the bare minimum for your claim. As for-profit businesses, insurers do not routinely make fair first offers.

In addition to making unfairly low settlement offers, insurers will often try to make it seem like the truck accident was your fault. Placing more fault on you relieves the insurer’s obligation to pay you as much.

Working with a Riverside truck wreck lawyer can ensure that no unnecessary blame is placed on you for the collision and that you are able to walk away with a reasonable compensation award to support you while you heal.

Injuries in 18-Wheeler Accidents

The injuries most often seen in 18-wheeler accidents are usually serious. They often result in death or permanent disability. Some of the most severe truck crash injuries can have the following outcomes:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can have long-term effects, such as problems forming memories, blindness, the inability to properly express yourself, and other cognitive and behavioral consequences. Brain disorders, including epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, may also manifest due to a TBI.
  • Amputations of the extremities are a significant possibility in a truck accident and will have a tremendous effect on your everyday life. You will have to learn how to do things without your missing limb and potentially use a wheelchair or be fitted for a prosthetic.
  • Spinal cord injuries can result in a loss of sensation, muscle weakness or spasming, and even paralysis.
  • Damage to the organs can forever change your ability to digest food properly, fight and prevent infection, and even pump blood correctly, all of which will have profound effects on your daily life.

These injuries are not the only injuries we see in big-rig crashes, and each has a significant impact on the lives of those affected. To increase your chances of successfully winning the compensation you need to pick up the pieces of your life, seek the help of a Riverside 18-wheeler accident attorney.

At Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys, we will stop or delay any medical payments you’re being forced to make while we work to recover your damages.

How Much Compensation Can I Recover?

Unexpected serious injuries can have a significant impact on your life. The magnitude of this impact will determine the extent of the compensation you receive in your claim. We will examine each of the ways your injury could be affecting your life. Some items we will assess include the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Medical expenses
  • Hospital bills
  • Costs of prescription medications
  • Home healthcare costs
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost wages and future earning potential
  • Rehabilitation or occupational therapy
  • Replacement or repair of your vehicle

Your seasoned Riverside truck collision lawyer at Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys will be well-versed in the process of calculating the value of truck accident injuries. Once we’ve done that, we will set out to make sure you are compensated accordingly.

Speak with a Riverside Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

When commercial truck crash injuries are preventing you from reclaiming your life, the qualified attorneys at Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys can assist you as you seek maximum compensation for your suffering.

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