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I was referred to Jesse from my chiropractor after he reccomended I give him a call a couple of times. I was nervous to call an attorney, but so glad I did! Jesse Bablove handled everything while also ensuring I received any aftercare I needed to recover from the accident! Recognize your value and worth and give them a call. Thank you guys for going above and beyond!

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Mr. Bablove managed to help me receive the maximum payout possible from my auto accident. He was very responsive and made sure I got every bit of medical attention I needed. He’s a good guy, I would highly recommend him.

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Upon being referred to the guys at Kohan & Bablove Injury Attorneys, I spoke with Jesse about my case, and from the get go he was super hands on and a genuine guy who treats you like family and cares for the well being of his clients. I would definitely recommend Jesse and his team to one of my friends or family members!

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If a trucker’s negligent actions have left you struggling to recover from serious injuries, a Riverside 18-wheeler crash lawyer can assist you as you seek full compensation for your suffering.

The injuries stemming from a truck accident are often life-threatening and can result in permanent disabilities. If you’ve been injured, seek the help of a Riverside 18-wheeler accident lawyer at Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys.

Our team of highly trained attorneys will work tirelessly on your case so the liable individual is brought to justice. This negligent person should be held responsible for the expenses surrounding your losses so you are able to focus on your recovery without worry.

Determining Liability in Riverside 18-Wheeler Collisions

More often than not, the driver of the 18-wheeler is the person who will be liable for your injuries. Truckers should be held to a higher standard of safety than the average driver because the machinery they are driving weighs many times more than what a standard motor vehicle weighs.

Sadly, many truck drivers do not respect this unspoken rule and engage in unsafe driving practices, such as distracted driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and driving aggressively.

Truckers aren’t the only people who have a duty to maintain the safety of the 18-wheeler, though. Safety inspectors, truck owners, trucking companies, cargo loaders, and vehicle parts manufacturers all could have some role in the cause of your injuries.

Your 18-wheeler accident lawyer in Riverside will examine the specifics of your crash, including police reports, vehicle safety logs, and the like, to determine who should be named as the defendant in your case.

The Impact of Your Injuries

The types of injuries we typically see in Riverside semi-truck crashes range from severe to catastrophic. Third-degree burns and organ damage fall into the severe category, while traumatic brain injuries (TBI), damage to the spinal cord, and lost limbs are considered catastrophic.

Injuries like these will have debilitating effects on your life for years to come. With a TBI, you may have to relearn tasks like feeding yourself or walking. You may lose the ability to form words to express yourself. Spinal cord injuries can lead to paralysis and a loss of sensation, in addition to chronic pain.

We aren’t just talking about broken bones that will take a few months to heal. These injuries will have a tremendous impact on life as you once knew it. The person who caused your accident shouldn’t get to walk away without answering for his or her negligence.

At Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys, we are committed to making sure irresponsible individuals never make a decision that puts someone else’s life in danger again. We will work with your team of medical providers to determine the total effect of your injuries so the liable party has to compensate you accordingly.

Consult a Riverside 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

Expensive medical bills, household expenses, and your pain and suffering shouldn’t be yours to cover while you’re stuck learning to live your life all over again. The right lawyer for your case will stop at nothing to make sure you see full compensation for all you’ve been through.

To schedule your free case evaluation with a Riverside 18-wheeler accident lawyer at Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys, give us a call at 1-844-404-2400 or fill out our contact form below.