What to Do After a Dockless Scooter Injury in Orange County

August 12, 2019

Dockless scooter companies have taken over the streets of Orange County with their convenient and efficient idea of transportation. Although electric scooters are a fun way for pedestrians to get around town, they’ve proven to come with many risks. These scooters can travel at a maximum speed of twelve miles per hour and, when safety precautions aren’t taken into consideration, severe injuries can occur.

If you’ve been injured in a dockless scooter accident, our team at Kohan & Bablove, Injury Attorneys can help you pinpoint the liable party. We’ll assist you in pursuing legal action so you can recover the compensation you deserve for your damages. An Orange County dockless scooter accident attorney will support you throughout the legal process as you seek justice and focus on a full recovery.

Investigate Your Accident

The first step to take after getting injured in an Orange County dockless scooter wreck is to investigate your accident. By investigating, you’ll collect key information regarding how your accident occurred, why it occurred, and who’s ultimately responsible.

If a vehicle hit you while riding your scooter, you can try to get the police report to obtain details about the colliding driver. If your accident happened because of a scooter malfunction, you may need to get the scooter examined for a record of the defects. Your medical records and any documentation about financial losses you’ve suffered will also be helpful in supporting your case.

Prove Negligence Against the Liable Party

Once you’ve investigated your accident with the help of an experienced attorney in Orange County, you can pinpoint the liable party in your case and prove negligence against them in court.

If a driver hit you on your scooter, your investigation may have uncovered that the driver was distracted, speeding, or driving under the influence. As long as you have evidence such as witness testimonies or video footage to support your case, you’ll have a solid chance of winning a settlement.

If a scooter malfunction caused your injuries, an examination of the scooter and proof of the malfunction should be sufficient proof to sue the scooter company and recover compensation in court.

Calculate Your Settlement

When calculating your overall settlement, you’ll want to include all the damages you’ve suffered. You can include both financial losses and ways in which the accident has affected your overall lifestyle in your claim.

Financial losses, also known as economic damages, may include medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. Effects to your lifestyle, also known as non-economic damages, may include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, scarring and disfigurement, or emotional distress.

Contact an Orange County Dockless Scooter Accident Attorney

You may feel hesitant to pursue a lawsuit for your scooter accident when there haven’t been many scooter accident cases in the past to compare to. Our team at Kohan & Bablove,Injury Attorneys has an in-depth understanding of personal injury litigation and we’re confident that we can apply the law to your accident. We’ll do our best to maximize your claim and secure you the compensation you deserve.

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